Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have received numerous responses to my open letter to Sarah Palin, public and (interestingly) private. The private ones have been addressed to my email and have been both supportive and critical. Also, a link to my blog was featured on another Mormon blog, so I received numerous hits from that exposure and I'm grateful for that. I'm sure my blog is confusing to some "devout" LDS who view anyone (including members) other than staunch Republicans as some kind of liberal-nazi-amoral hybrid. Thank goodness for level-headed, tolerant, loving people huh?

I was reminded to keep my blog positive-wise advice. I will attempt to do this. Had Ms. Palin made her remarks in a more intimate setting and if I had been there (both big IFs), I would have approached her quite differently. She chose a public forum to say things I didn't agree with and that I thought were inappropriate. I approached her in a public forum. Quite frankly, I could have gone much darker....much.....darker......BUT I DIDN'T !!! *insert hearts and flowers here*

One of my emails was from a sweet sister who, like myself, has received absolutely scathing and dehumanizing emails about female politicians; particularly Hilary Clinton. She, more than most, seems to inspire the most unChrist-like attention from Christ-centered women I've ever encountered. No. I'm not a Hilary fan. I used to be. But unlike our poor politicians, I have the wonderful opportunity to explore my options and change my mind when new facts come in.

Regarding Barack Obama; his stand, to my knowledge, regarding Prop 8 is that he believes marriage is defined as being between a man and woman. Furthermore, issues like gay marriage and abortion should be left up to the individual states to decide. I'm okay with that. I can support the rights of people state by state...and I believe that's what Prop 8 does-protects the rights of ALL people in California. If I discover that Obama is actively working to undo anything that I hold dear and priceless, then I will withdraw my support. Because I can. Ain't life in these States grand? Just doing my part (and my right) to keep it that way.


Em Dog said...

I like keeping it positive. . .way to go mom! Love yoU!

Eliot Bowman said...

Life is Grand! I've changed plitical views about 30 times in the last 3 weeks. Because I can!

...one day I will run for office under a party labeled "Republicrat".