Monday, September 29, 2008


We have two dogs. A little squirt named Buddha. He's the one trying to get into the front seat. Cheeky bugger. Buddha is a Shitzhu but isn't treated or groomed like one. We're not a frou frou kind of family here. In fact, Buddha (Boo for short) has a Mohawk haircut-I'm dead serious-which is just so anti-establishment that the people here who have "real" shitzhus actually shake their heads at him in a combination of pity and disgust. We call it a "boo-hawk". It's white...and adorable. 'Nuff said about THAT squirt.

We also have a medium-sized gentleman named "Snoopy". I didn't name him. I would never name a dog Snoopy. I think, maybe, perhaps, possibly, it's been "done". I inherited this dog when I got married in 2003. He's part cow. Look at his markings. That, my friends, is a terrier-Holstein hybrid if I've ever seen one. Had Snoopy been a girl, we could have milked her. Snoopy is a cow-dog. And now that he's older, his true cow genetics are becoming more manifest in his shape. He's a box. He's a rectangle with toothpick legs. One doesn't need to be an engineer to figure out the physics on this. He's "structurally unsound". I think he needs a support group for other cow-dogs but alas, there are none here in the valley. When we go for a walk, he likes to graze on grass. Yes, I know, he's eating grass because he doesn't feel well, but what if it's his "genetics" coming out? Snoopy...probably should have named him...I don't know...what are good cow names?...Murphy?...Angus?....and wait?...aren't cows females?...bulls are the males right?....oh're way more hybrid than anyone knows.....

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