Saturday, September 20, 2008


So the candle party was a great success. Very casual, laid back....very SoCal....plenty of pretty finger food, several barefoot people (yea, I was one, as was the hostess)...beautiful candle displays, the scents were heavenly...the people were beautiful...really...every woman in there was attractive, it was maddening...and me without my camera....RATS....anyhoo....

It was the names of the scented candles that was the star of the show, in my head anyway.My personal favorite scents were the laundry scents. I kid you not. Fresh laundry is one of my personal faves. But it's gone beyond just smelling clean. There was "clean sheets", "cool silk", and "fresh denim". There was the usual, "sensual", "relaxation", "spa" and there were fruit based scents and baking based scents and nature based scents (foresty, beachy, the usual suspects)...but when they got specific, that's where the fun started!

There was "cobbler on the porch" "apple pie by the christmas tree" "pillow talk" REALLY? What does "pillow talk" smell like? I think someone was paid to sniff these items and their counter-parts (for perspective, I'm guessing) and then another entire team of people came up with the names. And, I'm guessing there was a fair share of psychology, or something, that went into the names because they want people to immediately associate a soothing or compelling image when identify the scent and hearing the name. They want people to WANT THAT SCENT for whatever reason...whether it's to remember something, or be defined or identified by it, whatever....just OWN THE SCENT. And I'm way okay with that. Cause I'm getting a 26 oz of "clean sheets"....that's 200 hours of smelling clean laundry....issues? probably....if they come up with a scent called "comet and chlorine bleach", I'm all over it....

I read an article a few years ago about the psychology that went into naming the factory colors for cars. The demographic is thoroughly studied; their age, their culture, their backgrounds, their possible shared history, their spending history, their everything. And that is why, several years ago, the slightly purple/lavender hue of a van was called "purple haze"....I'm coma serious.

If I had to come up with a line of candles that identify the Katzbox house, I don't think it would take a "team" of anything or much psychology. We have a manly man (ala "Men In Trees") kinda guy who actually uttered the following sentence after watching an episode of Project Runway, "Man! After watching all those guys worrying about sewing their skirts, I need someone to throw about twelve footballs at my head". We have a 17-year-old-male and all that goes with that. We have two dogs, one very ancient and one very not-ancient and myself. Here is the list of scents of the Katzbox candle collection:

Stinky Gymshoes On the Porch-welcome to our home
Sick Dog Under Bed
"Green" Toilet-flush again
Clogged Sink with Pinesol undertones
Food Experiment with Garlic
Smells Like Teen Everything
120 Degrees and our trash has dog poo in it

So, welcome to the Katzbox house. You won't need directions....just a sense of smell....


Brown and Serve said...

Those names made me think of Nancy and what she is tasting too. Now that would be an interesting combo.

The Katzbox said...

You know kiddo, I actually considered Nancy while I was there....I wondered if, when she smelled a certain smell, if she thought of a certain know, in reverse....NANCY!!!! I'm yelling at you here...if you're reading this, could you answer? por favor?....hugs to both of you!!!!

hi, i'm nancy! said...

sorry to disappoint you but no, there is no connection between my synesthesia and scent. for some people, though, maybe there is. it would make sense. HA HA! Get it? Makes SENSE??????

i crack myself up.

Eliot Bowman said...

I'll take a 26oz. of the "Clogged sink with Pinesol undertones" please.

Em Dog said...

Sorry, Eli! You'll have to settle for the 26 oz. of Cozy Christmas I got you!

hi, i'm nancy! said...

this post is actually too funny because Saturday was Anders' (husband of Per's sister) birthday and when he was in the U. S. the last time, he became enamored of the Yankee Candle store at Polaris and he stocked up on all kinds of fragrant candles and Per and i thought he was being very girly-girly about the whole thing and so we bought him a bunch of scented candles for his birthday over here and we thought it was hilarious and we cracked up the whole night long and it when it came time to sing "Grattis Pa Fodelse", (Happy Birthday to you commoners) we were practically rolling on the floor.

ok, so maybe you had to be there.

TT said...

ROFLMAO!!!! In fact, I am laughing so hard that the neighbor next door just came to see if I am ok. Peter, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! You are hysterical. Please come visit soon!

And, DD, of course everyone was perfect at Em's - it's EM'S HOUSE, duh!

Love ya!