Thursday, January 31, 2008

Okay...that was a time lapse wasn't it?

Hewo...I'm back like a painful itch...jumping thru Grad school hoops and just not being very's the running to and fro, picking up this, mailing this and that...and not even wishing to consider the idea that I could be turned down for admission...*shudder* I'm off in a cloud of turtle dust, as my husband says.

I would like to share that I live in a climactic smorgasboard...My husband had to move a missionary from here in the desert to a smaller mountain community called San we left the desert to go to higher altitudes, we left the sunshine and warmth, went through clouds, got rained on, spied not one, not two, but THREE rainbows that we had the pleasure of looking DOWN ON, which is a trippy perspective...the rain turned to hail, then sleet, then we were driving through snow (wearing only sweaters mind you) and then finally getting to our destination...and then it was repeated on the way down, except for the rainbows...very fun to have out

Saturday, January 5, 2008

HEY, I'M GETTING PUBLISHED!!! (Size does not matter)

So I discovered this groovy little website called "6S", which means "six sentences". Subscribers are invited to write a story using only six sentences. I used a pen name...Arris Leighton...but the editor wrote me a very nice letter, via email, to tell me he really liked my material and it would be published on 1/26/08. I've been published on "one", but this was harder. Following is the "story"...


The weight-loss surgery was successful and soon, over a hundred pounds melted away. My jutting bones are the headstones where my rolls and dimples used to live. My fat friends see me as the mirror that reflects their perceived flaws and have banished themselves from what they consider my judging eyes. My fat vanished, as did my husband, closely followed by our marriage. All that was left was the real me. When people ask how much I've lost, I reply, "Everything."

Friday, January 4, 2008


Do you know what that means?...I subscribe to the daily comic strip Dilbert...we are an on line forum so we can leave comments...The one today was particularly funny because of something Wally said...he was trying to explain something to his pointy-haired boss but ends up saying in frustration, "It's like you don't want to understand."

I just thought it was a very funny quote so I said, "that's my new favorite quote". Later in the day, I received a follow-up comment with only the following letters: IAWTC. (?)

I had to google the meaning, but it means, in electronic shorthand, "I agree with that comment"...

I'm learning, folks...I'm learning...