Thursday, June 19, 2008

"If I wasn't blessed to be born a Jew, I would be privileged to be a Mormon." Henry Hock. 1913-2008 Baptized age 92, Endowed age 94. Died age 95

Pops was Jewish. He is from the tribe of Judah and is a direct descendant of Abraham. In keeping with his Orthodox Jewish upbringing and community, he was bar mitzvahed and "became a man" at age 13. He entered into the community of the Saints and at age 92, was baptized and became a child of God.

He passed through the veil early this morning, into the arms of those who love him and have gone before. He waits for us there. My heart is full to bursting. Pops...thank you...for EVERYTHING.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hewo. I have allowed the function for anonymous comments. This means all visitors to this blog can LEAVE COMMENTS. This means that even if you don't have an account with this blogging site, or don't have g-mail, or aren't registered to vote, or don't recycle, or don't like my glasses or politics or the way I look or think, or you really DO like the way I look or think, but not in a creepy way, or like the pics I post, you're IN the pics I post, or you KNOW someone in the pics I post, or you wish to BE in future pics I post, or you're psychic and you know in ADVANCE what pics I'm going to post, or any combination of the above or anything I haven't mentioned, please please please feel free, nay, compelled, to comment. This is how I get my "back and forth" energy from please, is not my intention to come off as needy or whiney, that's just a plus...but please comment and let me know your thoughts, comments, questions or concerns...if you're new to this, just look at the bottom of this paragraph...see down there...see the words "comments"?...there will be a number in front of could be zero, or any number...just "click" on on the word comment if it's easier and that will take you to a little square that you can type in...then click "anonymous" if you wish..if you want to stay anonymous, that's okay, but if you wish to sign your name, do it at the end of your paragraph or post, BEFORE you click on anonymous, or I won't know who you are...that's how that secret hand shake, no cootie control, just fun...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My sister, Stephanie, was in her doctor's office...this doctor also treats our 88-year-old mother (Wendy), whom Stephanie often accompanies to her visits there, so the doctor knows each of them...quite well, actually...soooooooooo, while Stephanie was speaking with her doctor, about mother, her phone rings...the convo went down like this:

Steph: Ummm, Doc, it's mother calling from her cell phone, do you mind if I take this?

Nicest Doc on planet Earth: Oh, certainly not, please.

Steph: Hello? Mom?


Steph: Mom? Did you say you hit a deer?

Doc: ?


Steph: Doctor, I think I'd better leave. Mother just hit a deer and she's at Pop's, so maybe I should go check on things.

Doc: Yes, by all means. Would you like some antidepressants?

Steph: ?

10 Minutes pass, Steph arrives at the nursing home where Pops lives and meets up with Mom in the lobby. They visit with Pop, another story, not enough space, and Steph walks her out to her car to inspect it.

Mother: Stephanie, the car is fine, I already looked it over!

Steph: Oh really Mother? How about this part of the grill that's broken and where all this fur is? How about that, huh?

Mother: Oh well, I guess I didn't see that. Well, I'm hungry and I'm leaving to get a sandwich.

Steph: You mind helping me pull some of this fur out first?
Okay, that may not strike some of you as funny, but I have to tell you, when you hear my sister tell it, it's hysterical. They are so stinkin' funny together...their chemistry and the way their relationship has evolved is so convoluted and layered and blows my mind. There is no one else who can fill the niche that each one of them fill for each's cliche now, but they really do put the "fun" in dysFUNctional. Family...honest to blog, they're the best!!!


Well, I couldn't get the link to work, so please paste the following in your browser and try it that way:

Roy Seeger's new book of poems, "The Boy Whose Hands Were Birds" is being published by Main Street Rag! He is an award winning poet and writer. His wife is a delightfully funny and compassionate woman whom I respect greatly. She is also a poet and writer. I have a link to her site on my the down...there it've got it...Dr. Amanda Warren...oh in rub it....oh sorry, I thought you were scratching my back.

Anyway, you can click on the site above and pre-order the book for a's only $9.00...after it arrives at your place, you can send it to Amanda and Roy's address. They will sign it in a creative and funny way (funny according to them, says Amanda). Tell them it was "pimped" on Deb Katz's blog, and they will send it back to you, hopefully with an even funnier message. I'm planning on doing it. It sounds like a fabulous book from a fabulous mind.

Hope all is well. me out

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey Eli...I'm still behind you!

Eli carried a picture in his wallet that I gave him before he left on his mission. It's a photo of me holding a toddler Eli on my lap. His face is one of wide-eyed,open-mouthed laughing as he's leaning into the camera while I steadied him with my hands. On the back of the photo, I wrote words explaining the picture as a metaphor that I would always be behind him, supporting him in everything that he was doing, whatever it would be. I still feel that way. When I found this picture, so many years, miles and experiences away from that sweeter and simpler time in Ohio, I remembered that beat up, old photo in his wallet...well Eli...I'm still behind you honey...


And so today we come to the second and final part of the DEmotivational poster series. I'm rather sad to see it end. We do, however, have a series of "Be Careful" posters, full of sarcasm and terrible photos that I have in store...heh heh...

Monday, June 9, 2008


According to FeedJit, over 80% of my international hits (that sounds impressive, doesn't it?) are due to the "demotivational posters", I will make this a 2-part entry. Today, I have posted 5 demotivation posters collected from the internet...I wish I could credit the creator/artist as (s)he is quite funny and deserves credit. Anywho, here is the first part of the demotivational poster series. Tomorrow I will post the second half. These were originally sent to me from my son, Eric, who has a rather sick, yet hilarious, sense of humor and I am angered that he can make me laugh hard enough to make me wet my pants. His brother Eli can make me laugh so hard, I can't drive and have to pull over...for some reason, they actually "high five" each other at these accomplishments.'s disturbing. With daughters, it's different. If I wet my pants due to extreme laughing while I'm with them, one of them will kindly help me change clothes and the other will hug me and laugh, not helping me at all, just laughing WITH me...ahhh,! Here are the posters...enjoy, my sweet, international friends...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jiminy in the mix, Mae Meltdown, Emmy-ghetto biker chick

This is the beginning of the meltdown. We were at Mae's little pre-school graduation where a great deal of singing and choreography had been learned. Mae had performed her star routine flawlessly several times at the house before we left, but when we got there, it was just too much for her little quiet soul. Thus, the tears began.

She got up there, good sport that she is, but it was too much. She cried for her Mom. It was heartbreaking...just heartbreaking.

Finally, she couldn't take it any longer and zoomed past Grandma Moo, sitting on the ground in the front row as I was snapping a picture. I actually thought the photo was kind of cool. Her little red, white and blue ribbons in her ponytail were streaking out behind and blended with the red, white and blue shiny stars that were blowing in the breeze...pretty...tragic, but still pretty.

Finally, when the singing and dancing was over, Mae was awarded the "Future Teacher Award"...that's our Mae. She helps the teacher...A LOT.

Back at Em's house, we played around on Clarkie's Big Wheel where Emmy did her best biker chick impersonation...yea, she's bad...Em Dawg....E-Homeslice

We also posed for one of our "cheek 2 cheek" pics. Afterwards, we both agreed that I looked kinda sorta like a bug, but more like a vote is still with the bug...Jiminy Cricket comes to mind...come on...I do...admit it....I'm Jiminy all up in this mix....Anyway, the night was fun and we all went home and played and laughed and all was well.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


1. "Mommy?"
2. "Please stop kicking me...I'm not a soccer ball."
3. It takes a village to kill a seal.

1. "Is she wearing white before Memorial Day?"
2. Keith Richards at age 80.
3. "Ellen DeGeneres is gay?!?"

1. Life bites.
2. Never snack in the dark.
3. Glasses. Get them.
4. Got anti-toxin?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Dearest Loved Ones,

If you've ever wished you could do something about all the violence in the world but thought you were powerless, I just found something you've got to see. I am on board with this.

Before you start thinking, "Oh yeah, another 'peacenik' site," let me tell you, this is VERY different. Notable people like Nobel Peace Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jack Canfield, founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and many celebrities and sports legends are behind this project.

Something's definitely up! I think people are saying enough's enough and I'm one of I just joined.

What's really neat about this is that they've made it fun and easy. Anyone can help with just a few clicks of their mouse. And it all makes sense. We don't need to wait for international negotiations. We can create peace ourselves--right now--using the power of the Internet.

They're giving away this amazing tool, called a "Personal Peace Impact Meter." It shows you the positive difference you're making, along with simple steps to create more peace. I followed the steps, and my peace impact showed up instantly! (They should make video games like this.)

The neat part about this meter is that it also shows all the positive effects of the people I tell, and the people they tell, and so on. Soon thousands of people will be taking positive steps towards greater world peace, all because of a few simple steps I took. Amazing!

After seeing what's been happening with international politics, I'm really glad I can finally do something to help create a more positive future myself.

By the way, these guys also give you what's got to be the world's largest personal growth and success course (at no cost or obligation). World-famous speakers and best-selling authors are working with them to make global peace a reality. Their idea makes sense... Teach people all over the world how to become more personally peaceful, happier, and more successful, and violence will simply disappear, because countries filled with happy, peaceful people simply don't start wars or participate in violence.

I can't believe they figured all this stuff out and got so many people to help in just 11 months. What a great use of the Internet!

This is why I'm so excited.

Here's their site:

Take care,


Monday, June 2, 2008


Remember me posting about this? Look at how loverly it is...does anything strike anyone as odd? neither...but remember when I thought the handlebars were a little too close to the seat?...yea...well, that continued...

Well, here's a closer look in the pic. Notice how the brake handles are on the bottom, forcing me 1. to have to use my thumb to brake as opposed to my perfectly fine four fingers resting on TOP of the handlebars, sitting there uselessly and waiting for something to do and 2. getting in the way of my knees each and every time I cycled...which caused me to have to bike with my knees pointing east and west in an exaggerated style, which probably added to the weirded out stares I got while biking thru WalMart and for Rocky (the dude in Sporting Goods) to be so helpful and ever so kind...

Well, as I was biking tonight and exercising my old fat dog, Snoopy, I asked Peter to take a look at the bike...I asked, "Hey honey, can you rearrange my braking gears so that the brake is placed on the handlebars so I can use my fingers instead of underneath where I have to use my thumbs, it's irritating?". Well, leave it to old practical, New Englander, lobster-boat stern-man Pete to take a good look at the situation, take the handle bars in his hands and give one good twist to completely rotate my front wheel..."Better?" he asked as he walked away trying not to smirk. Yes, I was riding with my front tire totally now it should ride much much better....who's getting their PhD?