Friday, August 31, 2007


Okay! Well! It's a new quarter, and I've already had two big surprises...I've ticked off my philosophy professor, totally, and I've landed in an English course that was a mystery to me, which I found to be totally intriguing, and now I find totally challenging. Where to start.....

My philosophy professor: The course is entitled, Ideas from the Great Philosophers...a misnomer as it should be named "Great" ideas from the philosophers according to the prof but I digress. He is a HUGE Rene Descarte fan who began the whole "mind/body" duality and is the current "bad guy" among wholistic practitioners and other health professionals who believe in the mind/body connection. There is even a new branch of medicine designed around the mind/body connection called psychoneuroimmunology...very trippy and groovy and cutting edge...and doing "whacked out" stuff that wise women and men from many cultures have been doing for thousands of years but again, I am bird-walking. So, when the time came for questions, I asked, innocently mind you, "Professor, will we be discussing Ken Wilber?" Wilber is a "cutting edge" psychologist/philosopher who also is a huge commercial success (videos, books, etc) and who figures prominently in my graduate school curriculum. He believes in "integral psychology" (and my focus of study is "transpersonal psychology", relatively the same thing)-treating the whole organism (mind and body) versus Descarte's dualistic mind/body model. Well, when I asked the question, he actually began to breathe differently...BREATHE DIFFERENTLY!!! He walked to the front of the room (apparently he felt the need to stand next to me as I asked the question) and began to wax anti-poetic about Wilber...referring to him a psychologist, NOT as a philosopher...going on and changed the entire rest of the class regarding how highly he thinks of Descarte...he's spent most of his life studying Descarte...yada yada yada....and now I have to figger out how to explain to this man that I'm grateful he knows so much about Descarte because I need the knowledge and information that he can give me to maintain a healthy balance as I enter ITP and study Transpersonal Psyche. This professor is actually a gift to me and he doesn't realize it....He thinks he's swimming upstream in the Debbie creek and he's actually my paddle in the philosophy creek...don't try to make sense of that, it's a little video in my head. I wonder how many of us go through life THAT misunderstood....

And the English class...I'm assuming this is another wonderful gift in a very good disguise because I truly do care about my brothers and sisters...I just don't like to view their intimate habits in a graphic nature. I took the only available English course suitable to my level, time constraints, etc. It had openings (duh when I found out) etc. It was LGBT Eng....give up? Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transexual literature. So, I got my books (which was the clue I needed, another quote from the big book of Duh), and now I will have the opportunity to learn to love more and more of Heavenly Father's chillin'...all kinds.

Wish me luck and lots of love....and good grades. The crossed fingers were supposed to go here...imagine that, will you?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Well, Peter and I took a suprise road trip (surprise because I found out about it late Saturday afternoon) to the Sequoia National Park. It's about 6 hours from the house and worth every mile. I know people are jazzed or renewed by a trip to the beach, but I have to tell you, this little Capricorn/earth sign could live in the forest for the rest of my (un)natural life. The sequoias are some of the largest and oldest living organisms on the planet earth. General Sherman is the single largest living thing on the globe. I picked up two seed cones from the General. It's stunning.

The sequoias are located in what's called the "Giants' Forest". They actually take one's breath away. The first thing that hit me when I opened the car window was the incredible full fragrance of musky heady pine. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. I will spend the rest of my life in every head shop I ever visit sniffing incense looking for that fragrance; a quest I'm certain that will be in vain.

We saw wild life! We passed 6 does and fawns cute all together out for an outing...As we passed each one (I was counting), they each looked up at me and MADE EYE CONTACT!!!! They have the most serene expressions...despite the fact that they're almost always on the menu somewhere. And we also saw a black bear...just right there at the end of the hood of our car...I was all freaky about it locking the door and rolling up the windows. Peter was laughing. He's much more relaxed about it than me because he camps. He actually got out and was sneaking behind trees following it to get its thanks....

And then the trees...interestingly, when I touched the sequoias, they feel like styrofoam and can be picked at very weird....and when I tapped on it, it sounded how can they survive THOUSANDS OF YEARS if it feels like I can "take it down"....oh silly me....these tree actually have LIGHTINING STRIKE SCARS....they LAUGH at lightening....they don't die by lightening (typically)...they don't die from old age...the don't die from fungi, parasites or you know how these giants die?....THEY FALL DOWN..that's how they die...circumstances conspire that cause them to simply fall down and that could take thousands and thousands of years.
"Kids, how old was your mother when she passed?"

"She was 120 years old...but we feel like she lived a fairly full life."

"How did she die?"

"She was chasing fairies through the forest and just fell down. No sign of violence, the old lady just fell over. Gone. Kaput. Done. But happy. No fairies though."

But I do have to say, standing in a rather secluded grove, just us, no one else, among several of the moss covered giants, and an overcast sky with just a few shafts of light filtering down through the trees and landing on the ferns and forest floor, one could believe in enchantment spells...because I was hooked thereafter...the forest is for me...plain and enchantingly simple.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


In 1955 (the year I was born)

Dwight Eisenhower is president of the US *Well, I work for Eisenhower Medical Center*

Hurricane "Diane" claims 184 lives form North Carolina to New England *My husband was being conceived in New England...during a storm no doubt*

Rosa Parks refuses to give up her bus seat, which leads to bus segregation being declared unconstitutional *rock on Rosa*

The AFL merges with the CIO, creating the nation's largest labor union *And then I became bestest friends with the head of the Ohio AFL-CIO's daughter, Phyl, all thru high school*

Dr. Jonas Salk discovers a vaccine for polio *And the Katz's are related to Dr. Salk's mother somehow so hey to cuzzin's a small world after all*

The Scrabble board game debuts *Which is a staple in my mother's house and no one escapes..all must play...also, my cousin Bobby is a PROFESSIONAL SCRABBLE PLAYER..yes, world ranked my ranked*

Disneyland opens in Anaheim, California *My friend in Worthington, OH, Sandi Gross' father was the first Gen Mgr of was her backyard...Walt Disney was "Uncle Walt"...wild...*

Kevin Costner, John Grisham, Arsenio Hall, Steve Jobs, and Billy Bob Thornton are born (hello!)

Charlie Parker, Albert Einstein, and James Dean die *Einstein died...BUMMER...I had to do a report in a physiologic psychology class on "genius" and I entitled it: "GENIUS BRAINS: WHAT''S EINSTEIN GOT THAT I AINT GOT"...I got a "B"...*

Brooklyn Dodgers win the World Series *This must have made my Dad semi-happy as he was from Manhattan....tho he was a Yankee fan*

Cleveland Browns win the NFL champion ship *this must have made my Dad semi-happy as he was a displaced New Yorker now living in Ohio*

Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup *this would have meant nothing to my Dad unless he bet on them and they won*

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov is published *this would have meant nothing to anyone in my family as Nabokov was Russian and they were the "bad guys"...even the authors...cold war and all, you understand...*

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lost secrets...myths revealed!!!!!!

Well, I wrote a blog here and when I went to post it, it wouldn't do it....has that ever happened to anyone else? frustrating it that?...I revealed the secrets of the universe...the truth about Mary Magdalene...cold fusion...who killed JFK ...and my mom's homemade noodle recipe. Thanks a lot a lot.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Remember the "WHITE RABBIT" song with Grace Slick singing, "Feed your head"...

Forced off work for four weeks...hmmmm...but on the good side...

When I came home from the doctor's office what did I see?, not a band of angels comin' after me, tho it does rhyme nicely...I saw a box from The Teaching Company!!! They have way groovy lecture series about EVERYTHING and their professors are pretty fun and entertaining. I get the CDs (tho they have DVDs-but I don't watch much TV) because I'm in the car so much and they're great to listen to when I go to Em's house. I get to cram my brain with fun information as I drive over the mountains and valleys and breathe in my favorite scenery. It's "DRIVING/SCENIC/PSEUDOINTELLECTUAL MEDITATION FOR THE TIME AND COMMON SENSE IMPAIRED" ....don't knock it 'til you try it.

Anyway, I follow their lecture series closely because eventually, EVERY lecture series goes on sale...deep discounted you have to watch...and ta da....these two did it...what wonderful timing....I'm going to put them on as I lay about and wait for classes to start...make Harry Potter-type wands...(ask and ye shall receive, complete with scroll). Anyway, here are the lectures I received:

The first is a lecture series on Shakespeare who is AMAZING...stay with me here...he is a word master...when you discover him, he is addictive....ADDICTIVE...I may share periodically some charmed combination of terms he came up or that he channeled or however he put them on the of the most famous terms for "overdoing" something that is already beautiful? "guilding the lily"...think about that?...isn't it perfect?....The professor is Peter Saccio. The lecture series is entitled "SHAKESPEARE: COMEDIES, HISTORIES AND TRAGEDIES"...yay!!! Saccio is very entertaining...a tad persnickity but that's what makes him fun!

The next series is Prof. Ashton Nichols. It's 24 lectures on "EMERSON, THOREAU, and the TRANSCENDENTALIST MOVEMENT". It talks about Louisa May Alcott (who wrote "Little Women) and her kind of crazy/progressive/dysfunctional dad Amos Bronson Alcott...interesting family...Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman (who is often quoted by General Authorities "...trailing clouds of glory") Walden Pond, and the legacy of it all.

Anyway, I will feed my head since I can't feed my pain pills allowed due to a fun little common bile duct spasm disorder triggered by narcotics that mimics an abdominal aortic aneurysm..scares the crap out of doctors so it's almost worth popping one just to watch them run, but that's another post, once again...I must remember to one day write down these little "bird walking expeditions" I take at the end of my posts...

My head just growled...time to feed out.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Okay...the top pic is of the graveyard. It was actually taken last. I don't know what possessed Abby or Eli to randomly take that picture (pun unintended...get it..."possessed"..hahaha), but an orb showed up in the right third of the photo about mid way. Did it follow us or was it already there? It looks like a tether ball. The three orbs in the lower photo are easier to see, especially the two larger ones. When I blow these orbs up on my computer screen, they're very interesting. They don't appear to be light artifact (ruled out), nor do they appear to be dust reflections/specks/motes (ruled out as well). What they all have in common (intesting that they are indoor and out door orbs..thanks orbs) is that on closer inspection they have a rim of almost "electrical" appearing activity surrounding them, an aura for lack of a better word. Also, within them, they have a stringy appearance within a misty or cloudy substance. They look like human cells actually. You are more than welcomed to download them onto your own 'puters and blow them up for inspection. I would be interested in your take.
None of us involved ever felt "creeped out" or frightened or actually had any negative thoughts, except for the whole breaking and entering and I actually would have gone further if not for the level head of my kid-in-law... who is now my kid-out-law.
Another interesting side note is the apparent increase in my own personal extrasensory perceptions since our trip...but that's another post.
Anyway, enjoy.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gospel Filter...don't leave home without it.

Hewo!!! Arrived home from work and whatta ya know! There was a sweet little package waiting for me on the front, not shoes, not clothes, not even keys to a groovy little sports car, not furs or jewels...just the one thing that can buy my affection...A BOOK...oh yes...if I see a box from Amazon, it's "Katy bar the door" 'cause I'm a runnin' and a divin' for it...I will "kick the sick and hurdle the dead"....oh my, so sorry....I saw that on a T-shirt once and fell out's just so dysfunctional, I almost wet my pants...So......

I got a "package deal". I bought Dr. Wayne Dyer's new book, "CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Living the Wisdom of the Tao". Along with the book (and the main reason I bought the package) is a scrumptious 4-CD live lecture set of Dyer with Byron Katie (a wonderful woman) under whom I wish to study one day. She is the author of "LOVING WHAT IS" and she is remarkable. I can't wait to hear it. The other bonus is a meditation CD that goes with the book called "Do the Tao Now!"...which seems rather pushy with the exclamation mark at the know, "The Tae...DO IT!!! NOW!!! SERENITY NOW!!!!!!" I feel pressured to be serene. It's oxymoronic but, so am I.

I know Dr. Dyer is considered psycho pop, the equivalent of a sugary drink in an organic restaurant but there is wisdom almost anywhere if I look for it with the intention of finding it. He does, however, quote the author of "A MILLION LITTLE PIECES" (James Frey) who was later found to have made up much of his story of addiction and dependency, and who later came clean about it on the Oprah show (bravo my friend, Mr. Frey); however, it doesn't take away from the wisdom of Frey's words. His story is repeated over and over in addiction and drug/alcohol stories (sadly) and there is wisdom there. Find it. The Tao has great wisdom in it..find it. Look thru the Gospel Filter...the GF and find it.

Lao-tzu, who wrote the Tao (pronounced Dow) lived 500 years before Christ...hmmm...what else was going on then....well....a sturdy little band of priesthood holders were making their way in the Americas. Prophets in Jerusalem were proclaiming repentance. The light of God was shining forth upon all of His children and just like the rain pours down on the rich and the poor, the light of God illuminates all whose hearts are pure and can it not? Look what happened during Joseph Smith's time...Christian Scientist! The Women's Movement! Finally (and rather shamefully late) the Civil Rights Movement! and immediately after JS?...Look at the technology that has paralleled the growth of the Church and priesthood and temples on the earth! Aint it grand!!!

When I first opened the book on the Tao (interestingly, Byron Katie's husband, Steven Mitchell, is the premier scholar/translator of the Tao, and she had NO IDEA what it was when she met him and even after they married!) I turned to the 37th verse....look at it through the GF: "...By not wanting, there is calm, and the world will straighten itself. When there is silence, one finds the anchor of the universe within oneself"....may I add: "Be still and know that I am God"....

Gospel Filter...don't leave home without it. *Be Well*

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Does anyone here remember "Lambchop"? Shari Lewis was a ventriloquist waaaaay back in the day...way back. She had a sock puppet, embellished a bit, that was a little white lamb. She would hold it in her crossed arms, across her chest and it would talk back to her (a bit sassy) and cuddle against her and oh, how I loved Lambchop. I have been fascinated with lambs ever since...and I kid you not, I think it prepared me for the image of the "Lamb of God"...I am totally serious. That is a sacred image to me and touches a place in my heart that is almost hallowed. (The Savior, not the puppet...but the puppet kinda started the love-ball rolling...for lack of a better term.) In fact, I cannot eat reason is this: The Lord said, "Feed my sheep"...not EAT my sheep....nuff said...apologies to my niece Tiffany and her big fat Greek in-laws...said with love. (actually thin and beautiful...but I digress...arrggghhh darn ADHD!!!)

While in Ohio, my mother, sister, son Eli and I stopped at a Cracker Barrel Country Store (anyone who has never experienced a Cracker Barrel, well, repent and get going). They had LAMBCHOPs...just sitting there shooting out "love me" bubbles to all the passers-by...When you press its little plush belly, it says adorable little lamby things like "you make me laugh" or "Wow, you look great" *a personal favorite*

I was smitten. I stood in line to purchase mine and lo and behold, there was my sweet mom waving a lambchop at me...MY VERY OWN LAMBCHOP BOUGHT FOR ME BY MY MOM!!!!!! Oh what joy!!!!

Well, bear with me through this gag fest. Last night, sleeping alone (P-man is hiking the Grand Canyon with the young men from Church) I went to bed with Lambchop. I woke up in the middle of the night holding lambchop's hand, paw, hoof, whatever. It was so cute. I laid my head back down and must have activated something because it said, "I love you". Just take me now Jesus.......

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Yes, it's true. Eli, Abby and I got in to the oldest portion of the set of buildings and maneuvered up to the abandoned patient floors on Saturday and got digital pics of the old patient floors. There are orbs in several of the pics. Lots of tapping and shuffling sounds...very interesting. We found an old spiral stair case leading up to the oldest third floor that had not seen human foot steps in quite some time, but Abby was fearful we would be caught and frankly, it would be difficult to explain our way out of such a location at that point. I will post pics when they are emailed to me from Eli and Abs... and bravo to them for sticking with me in a scary situation, they were real champs. I still can't believe the back doors opened and the stairwell doors marked "locked" and "keep closed" just opened up to us so was almost too easy. The orbs responded to requests of tapping. They were quite cooperative.

The cemetary was quite beautiful with a park like setting and nature walk, complete with pond. The greenery was beautiful. Everyone has considered this a dreadfully hot week but I have found it refreshing and lovely...I will return to the desert with plumped skin and thicker hair...ahhhhh humidity....what good you do for us and we take for granted...

More coming later....please feel free to leave comment on ths controversial issue....all welcomed....

Be well.

Monday, August 6, 2007


So, today I apologized to someone when I wasn't wrong...ouch...gag...ick....

I was spoken badly about by people who know better at the work-place, actually lied about, slandered, and "done unto" happens in the corporate world...but to keep the peace, really and truly to keep the peace (and my covenants), I made an appointment and walked into the interim supervisor's office and told her that I felt we got off to a bad start (which we did)...I would like to proceed in a more optimistic fashion (which I do)...and while we may not be able to forget the negativity of the past (that would require therapy and lots of it), we can certainly choose to be more positive about our interactions in the future (such as which staircase to kick her down where I wouldn't get caught...just kidding...mostly). She was very kind...and then got a dig in...I sat there and smiled...what's the point in fighting...if I'm going to walk the proverbial walk I have to take the first step right???....But the interesting part was the long walk I made back across the campus to the dark hot cave that is my office. As always, I had to get past the troll (a raw bone to gnaw on does the trick....sheesh, physicians these days.) but something really interesting happened. I almost felt lighter. I know that sounds cliche, but cliches have a kernal of truth in them...that's how they reached "cliche" day I hope to reach cliche day people will say..."oh my gosh, you are so....Debbie" Anyway, I was having the funnest interactions with strangers, talking to them, smiling, and they were talking and smiling back!!!! Usually, it's me doing all of the talking and smiling and getting the reactions out of them but today, I was actually getting talked to and smiled at in was amazing. The sun light looked whiter and the day was more sparkly, the ponds more shimmery and the duck poop less on my was just a great walk was enchanting actually. I know this feeling and I joke about it but in all seriousness, it's the pure love of Christ. I cannot deny it and It makes Itself very very clear and unmistakable and I believe it was because I went into that office willing to be a peacemaker, motivated by good intentions and acting on faith...does it happen every, but often enough to keep me doing it. It lifts me and carries me and connects me to everything around me. It is transcendent and blissful and I would be willing to stack that feeling against any thing felt by any yogi sitting on any mountain top anywhere on the planet...ain't nothing' like that. peace.