Sunday, November 14, 2010


I just returned from attending church with my son and his two children. His wife, my daughter-in-law, on this particular Sunday, was directing the children in song for the entire program of Sacrament (after we all partook of the Sacrament). So, she had to sit up front and they asked if I wouldn't mind sitting with Eli and "the twinkies", a name their other grandma came up with and I love, Livvy and Charlie (almost 2), and helping out. I couldn't get there quick enough, are you kidding me?

I met my son, Eli, in the parking lot and we walked in together. I discovered this: Eli and I should never sit together at church. We really shouldn't. He's a clone of his late father, especially in the humor department, and we are atrociously irreverent. We can't make eye contact and we giggle way too much. We spent a lot of time bent over adjusting the kids' socks (that didn't need adjusted), or picking up the carpet (which didn't need picked up)---get the picture?

Things were being managed between the two of us pretty well until two things happened. The first was this particular song that the primary kids sing. It's a nice enough song with a good message but it's all done in minor notes, which are kinda creepy. It's called "Follow the Prophets". Well, when it's done in all minor notes and it sung rather slowly (like it was today) it sounds, well, just creepy. We heard the first couple of notes on the piano and Eli and I looked sideways at each other and then downward and then away from each other but we could help it. When the chorus came we both did a Monty Python kind of movement where we hit ourselves in the forehead with a hymn book and of course, we cracked ourselves up....because we're so freakin' witty....NOT.

And then, I was doing the "walking fingers" to entertain the kids, which it does. I would walk my fingers along the pew and then quickly JUMP to their necks or ears and they would scrunch up and squee and then want me to do it again. This works for about 10 minutes, but we had an arsenal of tools to keep them entertained so they wouldn't miss mommy so bad and would make it through the meeting without disrupting the people around them. Eli began to emulate my finger puppets until I got the bright idea of finger Rockettes and I began to do the "bounce-knee-bounce-kick" that the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes do and are so famous for. Eli wasn't prepared for this and he almost busted a gut. This required much time for him to compose himself. While this was irreverent, I considered it a big SCORE!!!!!

I then considered that the kids were way better behaved than Daddy and MooMoo. I may have a lot of 'splainin to do in my prayers tonight....

I hope God has a sense of humor...actually, I'm counting on it.....


Rachel said...

1.) Of course God has a sense of humor. Who do you think we got ours from?

2.) My friend thinks Follow the Prophet sounds like a Russian folk song so she taught her son to kick and wave his hands like he's doing a Russian dance during the chorus. I almost put that into our Primary program (which is today and I'm doing all I can to keep it together because I miss those kids so much.)

The Katzbox said...

Awwww...I'm sure they miss you too. I am LOVING the Russian dance moves to that song. Your friend is dead-on correct. Do NOT give me ideas!!! My kids won't let me babysit anymore.

Nice to see you around.