Thursday, November 18, 2010


Pneumonia. Not pulmonary embolism. But, once again, it took a last minute, call-from-the-governor, last peek at the CT scan brought the drama down to "just" pneumonia, not the pulmonary embolism that I was all hooked up for and counseled to be treated for. Apparently, a diagnosis of pulmonary embolism is swift and severe. I realize this. My son has had four. The difference between my son and I would be that I would LISTEN to what the doctors tell me and adjust my life accordingly. I can say this because that particular son never reads my blog. neener neener.

So, I have a pneumonia that doesn't make me cough. It's strange and irritating. I am basically lugging around a lung that is heavy, wet, nonproductive, andpainful. I have compared it to carrying a backpack on the INSIDE. Ewwwww.

I'm also fatigued as all get-out. Cranky. Impatient. Slammed at school because I'm also expected to write a 25 page paper.

Also, my mother, with whom I'm staying, has pneumonia. She's lucky though, because she gets to cough...incessantly....productively....constantly.....

No fun.

Bright spots: The Royal Wedding! The kindness of people. Those weirded out housewives of Atlanta. What the heck is WRONG with them?

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Daisy said...

I hope you feel better soon.