Monday, November 1, 2010


There is a candidate running for congress here in Central Ohio that opens one of her ads with the declaration that her ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War and WWII. Somehow, these are admirable attributes for her character and we should consider them when we go into the voting booth...or, when citizens of this community go into their voting booths.

I looked at my mother, who will be going into her voting booth, and I said to her, "You know, we have an ancestor, General Eby, that fought in the Revolutionary War. And your grandfather, William Snyder, fought for the Union in the Civil War. You, personally, built bombers for the war effort during WWII. We have some real stinkers in the family. I don't personally think our ancestors' past history has any bearing whatsoever on our own personal ability to make decisions or get a job."

Mom was quiet for a second and said, "Who were we related to in the Revolutionary War"?



Emmy Slusser said...

Wow. .. . I completely agree with you on this! I think you need to find a Private Detective who can go find a convicted felon in her family (it's in there - we all have them!) and then air THAT dirty laundry. Really? Aren't we interested with who the candidate is. . . not their family? We as individuals make choices - her great, great, great grandfather won't be voting on legislation. . .she will.
Sorry. .. I have been doing research on our state voting today and am a little fired up. (no new taxes because career politician bone-heads can't balance a check book! bah!)

The Katzbox said...

Bah! indeed. You ARE fired up! But thanks for your input. I thought it was funny that mother didn't know we had a Revolutionary War general in the family. And the grandpa that was in the Civil War?....he was Emmaline's husband, so therefore, he was kind of a stinker...cuz you know how we adore Emmaline....