Tuesday, November 30, 2010



During the month of December, central Ohio only gets 31% of the available sunlight. Also, current prices for homes are going down, almost sharply. I think they want people to move here who otherwise wouldn't because of the lack of sunlight. I don't think it will work. This place is a vampire's dream.

Today I bought "spirit of camphor". It's an "old school" remedy for treating joint pain. I bought it for Mom's knees. I brought it home and showed her the bottle. She said, "I think Mom and Grandma used to use that"...and then something wonderful happened. I opened the bottle and the fragrance wafted up and reached my mother's 90 year old nose. Her face lit up, she got a light in her eyes, and she smiled. I can only imagine the images that raced through her mind. She said, "Oh yea, I remember this...put that stuff on my knees and let's take care of this arthritis the old-fashioned way". And we've chuckled a lot more this afternoon....

I canceled my residency in San Diego which was scheduled to begin at the end of December. I'll pick it up another time in another city. There's always another residency...there's only one momma. So...looks like I'll be spending December here...let's go buy flashlights, candles and more camphor!


Blasé said...

Quite often we must go with the flow of life and it's unexpected curves.

Your mom makes me :)

jojo said...

Way to set your priorities, you make me proud! BTW, your mom looks great for her age! I must say I think your daughter resembles her a bit too. I personally prefer tiger balm, but will use anything with the right ingredients. You definately make your gene pool proud!

Deborah said...

I can totally tell you two are mother/daughter.

The Katzbox said...

Blase: words of wisdom. and she makes me smile too. :)

JoJo: Thanks for the kind words. my daughter DEFINITELY resembles my mother. it's almost eerie... :)

Deborah: we've gotten that before...I hope I look that well when I'm 90.

Daisy said...

It is nice that you've made your mom your priority. HUGS to you.