Saturday, November 13, 2010


I don't have a comfort level with letting my mother work the remote control. Of course, this is HER house, HER television, and therefore HER call. But it is a study in frustration. I lose a few more IQ points every time I sit there and watch....

For example, after the OSU/Penn state game, I didn't get up quick enough and sure enough, the magic began. She reached for the remote control and something in my brain told me to "quick stupid, get up and go clean the toilet, save yourself!!!" But did I listen...nope...just sat there all vulnerable and stupid like a woman with 50 dollar bills hanging out of her pockets while walking down a dark alley.

Here's what she does. She goes to one channel, listens just long enough to get you interested, then switches to another channel....this one is a news channel...she listens just long enough to get you interested on how the cops actually caught the kidnapper and THEN?...yes....she turns off THAT channel and goes to another one...this one is a comedy show....they're setting you up for a joke and they get you to a punchline and....NO....she turns off right before they deliver it....and now we're at the beginning of a cop show...someone is walking around a know this because the camera is the perspective of the perp....the victim is on the inside....tension mounts....a car pulls up just as the perp is making his breathy move and BAM, the channel is changed.

I have more gray hair now than when the television was turned on this afternoon. I need resolution. I NEED TO WATCH ONE ENTIRE SHOW FROM BEGINNING TO END!

My Mom is a remote-tease!


Blasé said...

More times than not, unless it is a super-duper movie, I won't wait till the end of the movie to see its entirety. It erks SB to no end.

The Katzbox said...

Yea...I'm with SB. I have sat in movies by myself and waited until the credits were completely and utterly over...totally over, until the lights are up.

It started because the kids' dad and I were looking for the name of "Katz", which, back in the day, could almost always be counted on to be somewhere in the credits. Now? It's just a fun habit that I've gotten into-but only when I'm by myself because most people simply don't do that.

Hang in there SB!

Daisy said...

OH*MY*GOD!!!! LOL!!! This sounds like what my EX husband used to do (He prbably still does it, I'm just not there anymore). It drove me crazy to the point I just wouldn't watch the damn TV. I read the newspaper or magazines or a good book.

The Katzbox said...

Well Daisy, that is ONE way to solve the problem. :)

Sandra said...

This is your mother? Sounds like something a man would do...maybe your mother is experiencing an excess of testosterone.
Ya, you need to go clean some toilets or something, I hear ya!

The Katzbox said...

Hi Sandra. Yeppers. Whatever it takes to break that anxiety loop...I'm all for it. Plus, I get a sparkly clean head. YAY.

It was her last ditch effort before giving up and heading to bed. I figured the end was near. I had to do some writing anyway


Dutch donut girl said...

Oh, I'm like you. I sit and wait until the credits are over.
You never know what might show up at the end :) Plus sometimes I just want to find out who did some of the songs.

But whomever holds the remote, holds the power.

The Katzbox said...

DDG, I KNOW, right? The last few films I've been to the movies, particularly comedies, I've been pleased to find an additional outtake or extra scene at the very very end of the credits. It was delightsome. I think the last movie that did it was "The Other Guys" with Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg. It was hysterical.