Friday, January 15, 2010


I received an instant message from a niece of mine this evening. She meant to ask me, "How are you doing?", but instead, what she asked me was, "How are you being?"

I liked the "being" question better.

How am I being? I am being busy.

I am being troubled by Haiti.

I am being prayerful throughout the day (truly "coming what may and loving it).

I am being loved by my grandchildren....and my children. That is so nourishing, I can't begin to tell you. I am being loved by my siblings and my mother and my in-laws...and that is nourishing as all get out as well.

I am being made to laugh by funny friends and blogs.

I am being educated daily and I am so grateful (tho burnt out) by all that it does for me, I am speechless...yea, I know YOU don't believe that, but I am.

I am being sad because I miss people who aren't here. I wear my step-dad's coat and it warms many ways. And I being reminded of him and what he taught me about approaching life's challenges while smiling...and being kind...and getting wisdom. He was the closest I ever got to a guru.

I am being a single parent when my children are facing adversity and perhaps need both of their parents here...on the earth. They, on the other hand, are being funny/obedient/ faithful, and an example to me.

I am being surrounded by angels and love. And I am being grateful.

I am so busy with being, I can't NOT be being.

How are you being?


Emmy Slusser said...

I am being in love with you.

Stephanie Jette said...

I'm being blessed to have you as my mother. xoxoxo

The Katzbox said...

awwww...I am being moved by your responses....I love my girls....