Friday, January 29, 2010


I was walking through Costco today with Emmy and the boy...picking up a few things for the house...lunch stuff for the hubs...snacks...just things...

Sure, like you can go there, grab a few things, and escape unscathed. Riiiggghhhhttttt...

And Emily and I shouldn't be allowed in public together anyway. It's awful. We laugh way too hard. We just know what the other one is thinking and at this point, all we have to do is make eye contact, but we would never behave in a conspicuous way or manner that anyone would ever interpret as disrespectful or mocking. We just shouldn't make eye contact when passing whatever it is that's going to make laugh, which could be yogurt, flower arrangments, salmon, or any number of other mundane items. We find humor in stoopid stuff. We probably shouldn't even make eye contact after eating a sample of whatever's cooking at the end of the aisle. Em can deliver a line so dead-pan straight, it just floors me. I'm amazed I didn't pass half a burrito through my nose. Bad Emmy!!!

And now that the boy can talk, he just adds to the humor of it all. We were standing in the check out line and this happened:

EM: Can you wait here while I grab some diapers and wipes?

ME: Sure.

CLARK: No Mommy! Don't get diapers and wipes!

EM: Why can't I get diapers and wipes?

CLARK: *smiles and holds hands together ala Mr. Smithers from The Simpsons* Cause....

EM: Cause why Clark?

CLARK: Cause I want you to buy candy.

EM: Well I'll buy more candy when you start wearing your underwear. Until then, I need to buy diapers and wipes. Are you staying here or coming with me?

CLARK: *smiling* Okaaayyyyyyy *running after his mom*

LADY IN LINE IN FRONT OF ME: I would have held out for the candy and leveraged the underwear.

ME: Good call. The mom and I will be here next week, wanna hang out?



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Emmy Slusser said...

salmon is so funny!
and you're so funny!