Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today, Elijah and I are speaking in different accents-poor ones at that. We aren't being disrespectful or politically incorrect (well, I'm certain someone would consider it such-but they're not driving in the car with us), we're just having fun. If we drive past an ethnic restaurant or business, that's the accent we use. Elijah's pretty good and I'm not bad. The point is, we're having fun and it's not costing a dime (minus the gas and our IQ points). We're also using political references in a not-so-respectful manner, i.e.-China owns our collective U.S. butt and when we make up ads for Chinese buffets, we use that information as in:

"All you can eat...but eat moh veggabal...only one crab leg...yoo too fat...we own yoo butt...yoo butt too moh veggabal..."

Stuff like that, which is stupid but, made us laugh so hard, you would have thought we were the funniest people alive...and actually, in that car, we were...

we own yoo butt...

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