Saturday, January 16, 2010


The 7th season of Project Runway is upon us. I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl. Really. I can't get enough. I simply love that program. First, I love Tim Gunn. I adore his voice, his critiques, his point of view, his genuine concern for the designers-especially as it gets closer to Bryant Park and the pressure builds. Plus, he's a natty dresser. And anyone who knows about my obsession with my inner dialogue with Tim, has read my other blog (

I also love to watch Heidi Klum. She's beautiful and you never know which season she'll be pregnant. And here's the great part, whether she's pregnant or not, she's going to look fabbo. She's so fun. She wears whatevah she wants, whether she's a size 2 or 8-months-into-it. The girl does it because she can. Period.

I also enjoy Michael Kors. I just do. I respect his opinion. Obviously, he's been around the park once or twice and knows exactly everything you need to make it in the business. But I also like it that he's still the nice Jewish boy who remembers his roots and occasionally references his crazy Aunt Sophie's moo moo at her weekly mah jong game. I mean, really! Am I the only one who laughs out loud when he goes there?

And Nina...oh Nina.... When Heidi is introducing the judges every week, the designers wave, smile and say "hi" to everyone EXCEPT when the name "Nina" is spoken. Then there's silence. Unless that's the beauty of editing. It's almost sad...until Nina purses those lips of hers and renders judgment on someone's creation. But whatever she says, you can't take away the fact that Nina has a great head of hair....Yikkers....that woman has a head of hair!

And I always love the guest judge. This first week it was Nichole Richie. Nichole looked great, except I wanted to drag a brush through her hair. It's like, she didn't use a mirror when she brushed her hair that morning and forgot to brush the hair on her neck in the back. What up Nichole?

Most interesting designer based on the first week? Ping! Her name is fun to say, she's eccentric as all get out, she likes to wear her fabrics on her own body before she puts them on any one else's body, she's all about draping (fun!), her outfits change as they go down the runway (SCORE!), did I mention that her name is "Ping", she's an exercise physiologist so she understands body mechanics and how fabrics move on the human body so she will be interesting to watch...

There are others that are definitely going to be fun to watch, but Ping stood out this first episode.

Anyway, that's PR Season 7 in a nutshell. YAY....

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