Monday, December 21, 2009


One of the trending topics for Twitter last night was "three words for you". Apparently, they were asking people for three words that were important to them. Some were cool, such as "I am legendary" or "Happy New Year". Others were weird, like "pass the peas" or "monkey knife fight", which just makes me smile outright when I say those words together. MONKEY KNIFE FIGHT!

So naturally, I've been putting my three words together. I've never been good at stuff like this. And when I do finally settle on the words, or answer to the quiz, or whatever, I'll revisit it and think, "Doh! I could have said this, or that, or the other" and I feel bad, or stupid, or inadequate, and just DARN THIS RUMINATIVE NATURE!!!!!!

Anyway, three words, three words, three words....aarrggghhhhhh.....yeesh, this is I go with profound? funny? wise? pithy? sarcastic? cute? What if I'm misunderstood? I don't always speak my "voice". I am very often misunderstood. And anyway, who is so one-dimensional that three words can sum up an entire existence? Twitter-why do you mess with my life like that?

You want three words? I'll give you three are three words that sums it up for me!