Friday, December 11, 2009


I am having so much fun going to Em's house each day. I know that she worries that I'm getting tired or worse, burned out or something, but nothing could be further from the truth. She needs me. I need her. The kids are having a blast. Case closed.

Today, Em and I were seated next to each other on the couch relaxing and talking. Clarkie came up and climbed up between us dragging a big, warm blanket. He said, "I'm cold" and proceeded to snuggle down between the two of us. We happily accommodated him as he wiggled and situated himself down in the middle. Emmy stroked his head and I rubbed his feet and we tucked him in with the blanket. I mean....really! Sitting there between his Mom and his Grandma, getting kissed and hugged and all warm with the blanket....who wouldn't want to be him? Heck! I want to be Clarkie.

But the glorious thing about being a grown-up is this: it's so rewarding to give the love, maybe funner to give than to receive it. There's a time and place for receiving, certainly, and no one ever outgrows that...but being able to give love so freely and unconditionally nourishes the giver so much more than I ever realized. Maybe that's the consolation prize for old age...."Way to go kiddo...your teeth are falling out, along with your hair, but your heart is golden and your spirit's A-O-K".

Who would have thought that getting into Heaven could be so fun?

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Emmy Slusser said...

Thanks, Mom. Now that you have me crying and all emotional. . . but, man, I needed to read that. Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks. I have really felt burdened that I have run you into the ground. And, even if I am. . . well, I am glad you're enjoying it and faking not being exhausted. Love you!