Monday, December 21, 2009


Emmy and I were discussing how to more visually impact Christmas morning for the kids as opposed to simply purchasing more gifts. So we discussed covering the tree with candy canes after the kids went to sleep, etc. Em said it would be fun to cover the room in helium balloons. She was imagining helium balloons with pretty ribbons hung with different weights so that the balloons were at different heights-adding to the magical feel of the moment. She suggested filling the upstairs with the balloons and pretty ribbons and lettings the kiddos navigate through the festive strings and ribbons down the stairs to the tree and the gifts, la la la. I on the other hand, saw something different. The actual conversation between Emily and I went like this:

EM: I like the balloon idea. Lots of balloons with weights.

EM'S MOM: Cool! Yea! Fill the room with tons of balloons. Use different coins with different weights, like quarters, nickles, dimes, cause they all have different weights and the balloons would all be hanging at different levels. That would look so cool!

EM: Well, we could attach different sized weights to the bottom of the ribbons and that would do it too.

EM'S MOM: Oh! You want to attach ribbons? That would be pretty!

EM: What did you THINK we were going to do with the balloon?

EM' MOM: I was seeing orbs. You know, big silver orbs just kind of hovering.

EM: ORBS? Christmas orbs? That's right Mom. Everyone thinks of orbs when they think of Christmas. *looks around* Is everyone signed on for the big Christmas orb event?

MOM: Oh *laughing*. So, you want a Christmas that appears less drug-induced?

EM: Yea Mom. Magic, but without the drugs.

MOM: Whatever....
Our consensus was, "we want them to fart glitter, not poo their pants"...and that summed it up.


Stephanie Jette said...


I can totally see this conversation going down. How funny!

Emmy Slusser said...

hahahah . .. a perfect mom/emily moment! A little less trippy, a little more magic. Fart glitter. .hahaha. ..

The Katzbox said...

I thought it was hysterical...and it was the quintessential mom/em moment...what are we going to do when Mae and the kids are old enough to understand us?....HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Emmy Slusser said...

Heaven help THEM!