Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hewo...I have a friend, Tom Ballentyne. He has authored a series of books that, not surprisingly, are right up my ally. They are called, "The Secret of Life Books. He now has a blog and there's the address---->

He has meetings at his house here in the Valley each Thursday evening. They're fun, informative, and enlightening. His wife is wonderful, bright, and entertaining. Tom is all about visualizing. I've been about visualizing since the mid 70s. I've posted about my grapefruit experiment before. I'm putting together my vision board for the near future. I would like particular living arrangements when we move to Temecula this Spring. I'd like to be able to accommodate my mother during the winter (that is, if Everett doesn't claim her and keep her in C-bus!-but since she referred to him as "Howard" the other day while I was talking to her, maybe that isn't something to worry about...). I also want my home to a.) Be large enough to accommodate Holly and Eric, should they decide to come live with Peter and I or b.) Have a large enough property that there is a casita (little dwelling) for them to stay in separate from ours. This is what I'm "seeing". Of course, it has to be for the good of everyone. And I'm fine with that. Oooo, I forgot, I have to tell Peter.....

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Eli Bowman said...

LOL...good pic of Pedro. Vision boards are cool. Hey, I say anything that can help you attain what you righteously desire is all sorts of good.

Visualize, girl! I should do more of that this year.