Friday, January 9, 2009


There are, on occasion, moments during the day, and they are rare, when I may have to telephone Peter while he is at work. And, work being what it is, he is probably in the middle of a job. And, if he is in the middle of a job, he is probably in the company of a client. So, to sound professional, he will keep the conversation very "work-like"; meaning that it will not be filled with flowery speech, which, if you know Peter, isn't exactly typical of his conversations anyway....but, as he does love me, he slips up...a a typical conversation goes like this:

PETER: Hello?

ME: Hi Honey. Sorry to bother you.

PETER: *very professional, like he's speaking with "the office"* Not a problem. I'm with our client right now.

ME: Got it. Hey, I'm going to swing by Costco and pick up some items. I want to know if it's okay to use your Amex.

PETER: Absolutely, that's a go. I believe that was discussed at an earlier meeting.

ME: I've got your meeting right here.

PETER: I realize that. Okay then, have a good day.

ME: I will have a good day, cause I've got your gold card buddy. Try to relax now. Love you.

PETER: All right then, Thanks for calling. Love you too. Doh!


I get him every time....


Anonymous said...

that's FUNNY! LOL! i can just hear it.

every now and then, i'll end a professional phone call with "bye, love ya." i used to cringe whenever i did that, but anymore, i figure the other person has done it a hundred times, too, so i don't sweat it.

great post, Deb. i'm still chuckling. :)

Eli Bowman said...

"DEBORAH! I'm at work, sweetheart...and I'm also a man's man...and I'm also Pedro."

The Katzbox said...

that would have been the correct response eh?

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