Saturday, October 18, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen let it be known that the Katzbox is rockin', rollin' jammin' and rammin' the house DOWN with the one and the only MS. DONNA SUMMER!!!!

Film at eleven.


Diane said...

Ask my kids about Donna Summer!!!
My very worst nightmare of my life...(which I think lasted three weeks)...but somehow was all in one night....had to do with Donna Summer! This was years ago. Short version...after chasing me off a train and through rat-infested, junkie occupied sleazy apartment houses and alleys..we ended up on the roof of a NYC apt building...where...Donna Summer...(who works hard for the money).....SHOT MY HAND OFF!!!!!
No kidding. (and she always seemed so nice)
just last week, Josh sent me an audio text...of her singing on the radio....just to freak me out.

The Katzbox said...


'Splain yoself Lucy!

Diane said...

what's there to explain?
Donna Summer shot my hand off!
(and thanks for bringing back traumatic memories)

Diane said... further was DONNA SUMMER chasing me off the train and through all kinds of disgusting places...where I would think I was safe for a second...but NO...there would suddenly appear Ms. Summer..chasing me with her little gun.
I need to stop. I am getting the heeby-jeebies all over again.

Michelle said...

No kidding, Deb! Mom was afraid it was going to be her "Last Dance". Oh well, I'm sure in her dream, she ran away yelling "I Will Survive"!

The Katzbox said...

Oh.....okay......let me get my pencil and paper....lay back on the couch....are you comfy?, let's talk about this dream......

Em Dog said...

hahaha. . .wow, Diane! That's so messed up! How traumatic!