Monday, December 3, 2007

The "True" Language of Prayer

Well...prayer...the final frontier...

I've been pondering it a bit lately...

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WHATEV...back to prayer...Our church congregation (or ward, as we call it) has been praying for a woman whom we all love and who has recently been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia. She has a great attitude and family and we're all grateful for the good things she has in her life. So, I was intrigued with the idea of combined prayer. I've been reading up on it and I had a wonderful epiphany...and it didn't need stitches or anything.

I believe the language of prayer is emotion. And perhaps that is why the more emotional and heart-felt the prayer (such as a mother's prayer) the more powerful. And perhaps the role of words is a means of conveying our minds and hearts into the most powerful emotional state. The words are a means to an end.

In the Book of Mormon, there is a man named Enos, who is spoken of as being in a state of "mighty prayer" the entire day, even down on his knees. I believe this man had an emotional break-through. I'm wondering if the thousands and thousands of words he may have uttered served as a way to recognize his emotions more readily or easily; he was male and it that culture(several hundred years before Christ), it may have been difficult to embrace an emotional state of mind and experience true gratitude and humility. Words would truly be a gift to the one doing the praying even more than the one being prayed to, but the emotions that must have surfaced continually during that process must have been incredibly intense.

So, I suppose my epiphany was this: Whether one finds onself kneeling next to a loved one with one's heart broken, or with one's heart full of love or one's heart full of gratitude...THAT is the prayer...the EMOTION, be it grief, love, or thanksgiving, etc...and that is the epiphany...that's it...nothing more to see...break it up folks...

*see, just another blathering semiserious thing where she has something relatively important to say and then just's like a spiritual hit and run...*

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The Slusser Family said...

I loved this and have pondered it for days. ..thank you, moo!

katzbox said...

Oh, you're so cute to read my blog...thx honey.