Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a Sandy Christmas

Yes, here in the desert I'm experiencing a windy blast of sand...I just got my car's annual detailing performed 48 hours ago, so the sandstorm is right on schedule...goodbye new paint finish...pretty, blackened long clean windows and clear crevices...HELLO sandy Christmas...big ecru drifts of those sandy grains of silica, collecting on the window panes and scratching one's lenses, tickling the nose and gritting one's teeth...ho ho ho indeed...

But, on a lighter note...actually, that was a pretty light note for me, a little sarcastic, but I was smiling when I typed it...really...I think I'm purt near finished with the big item stuff for Christmas...yay yay...being me, I'm having everything drop-shipped and delivered to doorsteps, so my santa claus wears brown and drives a big square brown truck...go Brown Santa go!!! I even have some wrapped for Peter under the tree...and by "under the tree" I mean on the dining room table because Buddha would try to eat the packages...on Saturday, Peter and I get to go shopping for stocking stuffers for the missionaries and Gia and get treats for the puppers, as well as groceries for the Christmas dinner...and I'm certain Peter will come up with ideas to cook and anonymously deliver to others over the course of the holiday life...flowing in the River Leighton...just grab a floating branch and hang on, if you survive the ride, it's the time of your life.


Diane said...

Let it sand, let it sand...let it sand.
if you were here...we could enjoy rain!
River Leighton...I love it. Your words are know that?
Remember when I wore that HO squared (don't know how to put the little 3 on) sweatshirt to the Christmas party??? You were the ONLY one I think who even chuckled. (my mother in law made it). Was that a courtesy chuckle? Because looking back...I must have looked like one big green dork.

katzbox said...

No, it was funny and original, like you...and you did not look like a green dork...there were dozens of green dorks there, including myself...DANG, you have a good memory. Arrrgghhh, I miss you this time of year!!!!!