Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There are pictures following of PaPa Peter and "The Dean", or Dino. Peter hadn't seen him yet and was dying to get his hands on the new grandson. But, while we were there, Mae did her mothering thing. She handles Dino like a pro. She is protective, soothing, and confident with him. More than that, she is soft with Clarkie while she holds their new brother. Peter was so impressed by this behavior, he spoke about all the way home. He was amazed at her maturity, poise, loving nature and ability to juggle both siblings with so much patience and nurturance at her young age. He went on to say, "That is definitely a learned behavior she picked up from watching her mother. I'm so impressed with her."......me too..... I heart Mae Mae.

Now....PaPa Peter and Dino...

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