Monday, August 23, 2010


The above picture is Peter at the old Leighton Orchards where he spent his summers as a youth. He was picking some apples to eat. He was so happy to be there visiting. We saw the old barn and old property. There are now some cows there who were quite interested in us. I fell in love with Peter all over again.
This was the Minute Man statue in downtown Lexington, Mass., where the Revolutionary War began. This area is so soaked in history, it's palpable (not to sound cliche...).
All of the houses and other structures here are SO OLD!!! This particular house was built in 1776! Can you image how many times you would have to update the appliances? Um...first you would have to INVENT the appliances!!!!
Yea...there are probably a few of the the same "old" family names that began this parish in 1691. Talk about turf wars.....
While we were snapping pictures of the house where Peter lived until 3rd grade, this wee tee tiny bird's nest fell out of a tree right in front of him. It was woven of twigs and horse hair. We saved it. It's so delicate and it seemed to find us, so....we had to save it.

So! That's our trip so far. We've taken over 70 pictures so far. These are just a few. We thinking of our family and loved ones. We love New England. It very cool here and some of the trees are already changing. I'll try to post more pictures tomorrow.

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