Friday, August 13, 2010


Is anyone familiar with the TED talks? They're incredible. Simply. Incredible. They are a series of lectures of various themes. The site is:

You can choose a theme such as "creativity" "science" "culture" etc.

I was watching Temple Grandin. She was diagnosed with autism at a relatively young age. She holds a PhD. During the 80s, she revolutionized cattle slaughterhouses to make them more compassionate and humane. She now gives lectures and has numerous speaking engagements. She is a prolific writer, "Thinking In Pictures" is one of my favorites.

On this TED talk (they average 15-20 minutes), she spoke to an audience about the need to embrace those who think differently and how much we should value aspies and autists-those who have speech capabilities and other talents. She was asked a few questions at the end. One of the questions, but mainly her answer, left me reeling.

The question was, "Is it unrealistic for them (parents of aspies and autists) to hope or think that their child loves them?" *this question was asked because sometimes it may appear that people in the autistic spectrum are unemotional or non-responsive to affection*

Dr. Grandin's answer? "Well. Let me tell you, that child will be loyal and if that house is burning down, they're going to get you out of it!"



Emmy Slusser said...

Reminds me of the austist mother I spoke to one time. She asked her son, who was autistic, how he knew that she loved him. His answer? "Mom, I know you love me because you put ice cubes in my hot oatmeal."
Love tells its story. . maybe not in the most conventional way, but love always tells its story.

Stephanie Jette said...

When I first saw or heard of Dr. Temple Grandin was on HBO. The movie about her story is just breathtaking. Her story is so profound and inspiring. Alex was watching a part of the movie with me and he felt moved. He understood her. It was absolutely amazing. She sets such a wonderful example, not only to those on the autistic spectrum, but to everyone. She is definitely one of my Hero's.

Anonymous said...

i will make a point of listening to her. thanks for the 411. God bless her. and you!

Linda said...

I love the TED series. The whole subject of autism is fascinating to me, having know and loved people along the whole spectrum.

The Katzbox said...

Great comments all. Love you all.