Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is us between the two houses where Joseph Smith, Jr. lived. That's the Palmyra Temple behind us.

These are our sweet friends, the Jones' family. They live close to where we were visiting. We love them and their children. They are super kind, compassionate, loving, generous, and celestial.
Me and Georgia on her birthday. She is very creative. We got into a discussion on where her house would go if it floated away on balloons. For instance, I asked her what would happen if the house flew over Italy. Georgia replied that the people would look up and say, "Ciao and wow!" We giggled incessantly because of her charm. And she's a celebrity-Little Miss Ontario County!
This is the room that Joseph slept in with his siblings. The room off of this room is where his sisters slept. This is where the angel Moroni appeared to him three times in one night to tell him about "golden plates".
The photo above is of the "Sacred Grove". This is where 14-year-old Joseph Smith knelt in prayer, asking which Church to join, and received the 1st Vision of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
This is the house that the Joseph Smith Sr. and his family (including Joseph Smith, Jr and his wife Emma) lived when Joseph Smith Jr. (a few yrs after the 1st Vision), finally was directed to the Hill Cumorah where the golden plates (later, the Book of Mormon) were buried in a hill. We saw a couple of the places where he had to hide the plates. This is the room where Joseph lost 116 pages of the manuscript and where he walked up and down lamenting losing his soul because he had not listened to his Heavenly Father regarding said manuscript pages.
This is the top of the hill Cumorah, where the golden plates were buried, which later became the Book of Mormon.

From here, we went to Michigan to attend a family wedding and meet with my in-laws, who were wonderful. Much love was generated.


Chantelle said...

boo hoo- wish you guys could have stayed longer! You and Georgia are two peas in a pod- your discussion cracked me up. Georgia is funny, creative and not affraid to be who she is that is why I love her and that is why I love you! Eli is such a man now. We love you guys soo much and we look forward to our vacay up to Maine with you someday soon(wink)! Soo happy you were able to see the sights and enjoy them! xoxo

Eli Bowman said...

Great pics, Mom!