Monday, March 29, 2010


Here's a thought. What if your friends were able to tell you everything they thought was wrong with you, or what needed improving; would you want to hear it? That's the idea behind:

This website allows your friends to log in anonymously and leave comments about you such as "pick up the tab once in awhile", or "you never make eye contact", or "your blog sucks canal water". Would you do it? Here's how the creators of the site are selling it...

"Once you start receiving the anonymous feedback, you'll be able to categorize it, and you and your friends will be able to agree or disagree, leave comments, and work together to improve your personal character! Once they create their account, don't forget to return the favor!

When you sign up, you'll be asked for a piece of information that only your friends know. This way, you can be sure that only people who know you can write on your profile"

SURE! You and your "friends" will be able to "work together to improve your personal character"...when did character-building become a group event? Isn't that a process that's intensely personal and involving soul searching?...pondering?...doing what's right when everyone is watching and when nobody is watching? When did character become a product of a committee?

Well, I thought it was interesting. I'm certain there will be people who will avail themselves of the services. Not me. I'm already aware of my flawed nature. I don't I'm thinking...perhaps I'm neurotic enough without worrying about my friends judging me. And then again, I've reached an age where I'm tired of explaining myself. I just do things and that's that. Dr. Christiane Northrup said I should thank menopause for that. Okay, thanks!

Anyway, there's the site for "enquiring minds". All of my friends and family know my flaws. They're fairly evident. And I still feel loved, so.....YAY! And I feel the same about them. YAY!

I wonder if anyone on will leave anonymous compliments? THAT would say something about one's character....I wonder if the developers thought about that?


Linda said...

Oh, HELL no. I will NOT be joining
I plan to hold on to every shred of self esteem I can muster. Life is hard enough without people commenting on one another's weak points.
What masochist thought this one up?

Emmy Slusser said...

hahah!! Linda, I was going to write the same thing! Could someone please pass me a knife so I can jam it into every ounce of pride and self-esteem left in my body? Oh, thank you thank you!
Seriously, I think the person who signs up for this service has issues themselves.
No thank you!

The Katzbox said...

For the life of me, I cannot figure out this demographic. It must be young and techy, but why on this green earth they would subject themselves to this is beyond me...I wish wish wish I could look at their database and get a feel for who is doing this...please oh please oh please....

But yea! I think you both are right on!

Mommy Tips said...

on the compliment thing: i was thinking that i would totally sign up for a compliment website. Not because i feel like i need to have them, but because i think most people tell you the negative stuff already. it's the positive stuff people don't always say.

Emmy Slusser said...

A compliment website!? THAT I could sign up for! Back to the ego thing. :)