Saturday, July 25, 2009


I was, once again, playing on Twitter and, once again, I was rather fascinated by the choice of "user names". These are the code names that people use on the computer. We all have them-or most of us do. They ensure anonymity and protection. User names keep our access safe from those who would do us or our identity harm, or potential harm. What I love about user names is the creativity that goes into them. Many I can figure out, some-I haven't a clue. I have virtually no creativity, let's face it, "debkatz" is about as transparent as a person can get. I'm an idiot.

But here are a few of the user names I ran across just these evening...

*squirrelsquisher: This takes longer to type than it does to say it.

*24sevenBFF: This is a person I follow on Twitter who is virtually everyone's BFF. She/he follows everyone as their BFF, spells in all caps, uses LOL, OMG, HAHAHA, the whole 9 yards, and speaks to all of these celebrities as though they are indeed, BFFs. It's hysterical.

*Pigooch: I just don't wanna know.

*gigglepantz: I just think it's cute.

*eattheemu: yea. you have to kind of look at that a minute, don't you?

*cosmicpilgrim: I love the juxtaposition of images that places in my weird.

*uyeahu: read that a couple of times, it's so rude, it's funny.

*scubatuba: another funny image.

*nanceinmypance: this was her latest status-"when you buy a toaster, it comes with an instruction manual in THREE languages. If you have a kid, you're on your own."

*testedonhumans: hmmmmmm

*that1guy: that's a personal favorite.


Anonymous said...

i knew a guy once who used "stupidcomputer" as his name.

i think EVERYONE could relate to that.

Emmy Slusser said...

again, I don't get twitter, but these were great! And, where is my parenting manual! I demand it in three languages!