Saturday, July 25, 2009


Is there something wrong with me? I'm sitting here at my desk with my IPod in my ears groovin' to my new favorite tune (Forever by Chris Brown-yea, I'm not up to date, stupid wedding video...), typing on my blog, checking my texts on my mobile, and my facebook updates, and my email, and my Twitter account.

wait. we're quaking as I type this. How cool am I? stopping.and done.

That was just a wee tee tiny trembler. Or maybe just the air conditioner. oO/ <---crazy face Okay. Am I too plugged in? Is that possible? Is it an excuse not to deal with stuff? I like being plugged in. I like communicating with people electronically (is it electronically?...what we're doing? seems more sophisticated than that somehow.) I get to stay in touch with people all over the place. I think it's grand. I can't talk on the phone anymore because my stupid plan won't let me and I don't have the time anyway. While I'm doing this I can pull up research and address my school stuff.

Oh, it's late. I'm tired. Who cares anyway.


Emmy Slusser said...

Well, you haven't been too plugged in yesterday or today! Where you at!? Are you having a good time packing? :) You can slap me when you get here. Jacob needs to know what time you'll be pulling into Palm Springs so he can help you. Thanks! Love you!

Chany said...

Hey Guys, Let us know when you are settled into your new place!! And-yes, I believe one can be too plugged in! I have put myself on a strict electronic diet to insure that I keep parts of my life as simple as possible. Sometimes a little cabin in the woods with no Tv, Phone, blackberry, cell, pager, computer or laptop seems ideal! WHo am I kidding though, I google everything and without would lose alot of brain function. LOL :)