Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I just received my "latest update" from the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the H1N1 flu that is coming our way. Are we getting our food and water stored up in the event that we just hang out in our houses if we chose to? Just would just be nice to have the's coming this fall...

The WHO called the flu "unstoppable" and said, "Several reports showed the new virus attacks people differently than seasonal flu -- affecting younger people, the severely obese and seemingly healthy adults, and causing disease deep in the lungs."

So...let me do my momma thing via my blog cause I'm not in your faces to do this...humor me, por favor...

*wash your hands
*don't touch your face
*if you have hand sanitizer-please use it. If you don't, rub your hands together quickly-quick enough to make them feel hot. That will get rid of A LOT of germs and bacteria.
*cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm-not your hands
*stay away from crowded places as much as possible
*if you're sick-don't go to work, to church, shopping, etc.
*if you're out and someone is sick, smack them silly, j/k-just seeing if you're still reading

This flu is a "distant cousin" of the flu that caused the 1918 pandemic flu, so those born before 1920 have some protective immunity against the's THAT for a kick in the pants...the old guys have an edge!

This virus is mean. It doesn't stay in the nose and throat like our other seasonal flu viruses. It replicates best deep in the lungs. It's also been shown to go to the gastrointestinal tract. Nice.

And then I read this:

"Obesity has been observed to be one of the risk factors for more severe reaction to H1N1" -- something never before seen...It is not clear if obese people may have undiagnosed health problems that make them susceptible, or if obesity in and of itself is a risk."

Again, I'm doing this because I'm a mom and I hate it when my kids get sick. I'm also a skosh worried about this flu. When the two are combined, you get blog entries like this. I promise to be sunnier tomorrow. Today, I have to remind my friends and family that this is real and to get ready before it hits. That's all.

And with any luck at all, I could be entirely wrong and WAAAAYYYYY OFF BASE.

Oh happy days!!!!!


Eli Bowman said...

I remember hearing something about this hitting hardest and fastest this upcoming Fall/Winter too. You know, it probably is a good idea to have some food storage for this (duh...should have it anyway). Perhaps Abby and I will make it so we can hunker down in our soon to be "new to us" basement and live for a couple of months. :)

...I sanitized my hands right after I finished reading the sentence you wrote about sanitizing your hands. I also keep hand sanitizer at my desk now because of your fear of this flu (even though it was in dad's basement for a looooong time and "expired" back in July 07). Your Motherly objectives have not all gone un-adhered to.

The Katzbox said...


Thanks, honey....

Funny you mentioned "un-adhered"...I'm studying "adherence" theories this week and about 50% of the population (when you boil them all down in one big pot) just won't adhere to any healthful regimen, even if it's absolutely good for them...that goes for compliance with ANY good advice for behavior change, which translates to our LDS population on food storage (I'm guessing), which, now that I'm thinking about it, correlates to the parable of the ten did it, and five didn't....and science keeps thinking it's reinventing the wheel....

again, *sigh*

love you....

Anonymous said...

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