Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Things I think about to keep from doing homework....

When a screaming, lights a-flashin' ambulance arrives at a house and after a time leaves slowly, with no screaming siren or lights a-flashin', that's either really really good, or really really bad. I loathe living in a neighborhood where mostly old people live. I can't take it anymore. Warehouse of the living dead.

Apple IPod MP3 players are sparking, heating up, and catching on fire...FIRE!!!! YOU COULD BE NEXT!!! No, really. They're doing that. Be careful. One set off a fire alarm. Google it. Apple is grudgingly acknowledging it. Yikers. Deal with it, guys. Don't let you think people "talk"?

jogger one: How's that IPod?
jogger two: Burnt my arm off the other day in the park. I was running, minding my own business and sparks commenced. I thought I smelt carne asada. Turned out to be my pitching arm, man.
jogger one: Dude.
jogger two: I know! Right?
These two are from SoCal....it just doesn't get any deeper than that.

My dogs' paws are so fluffy now, they soak up dirty puddle water like little mops-he doesn't even leave prints. He's disgusting...or magic.

What if your pet really was magic? Would that be good...or bad? BAD DOG-NO NO! POOF! Your hands melt. Potty training would be a problem.

Having to dust EVERYTHING before I pack it so my new house won't get dirty the minute I move in is kind of like adding insult to injury...


ennbee said...

deb, i think this move of yours is the longest one in history. how much stuff do you own, anyway? must be a ton, b/c you've been packin' and dustin' for MONTHS now.

i think i was 5 when you blogged about your garage sale.

The Katzbox said...

@ennbee: amen. I don't have that much stuff. I live with a hoarder who thinks that because he's "gotten rid of half" of his stuff, he's "cured". Really? Half of a trillion is still half-a-trillion. And the more I push for him to "grieve and release", the more he pushes back and saves saves saves. It's approaching a breaking point...that point being his chin with my fist.