Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NEW BOOKS NEW BOOK NEW BOOKS....Harry, I still loves ya

Okay, here's the newest babies to the brood....oh heck, I'm so hoppin' happy...

Daniel Goleman: SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE: BEyond IQ, Beyond Emotional Intelligence
NF...yea, I know, this guy has gotten a lot of mileage out of his theory but it is intriguing and gives hope to us littlest intellectual angels.

Steven Pinker: THE BLANK SLATE: The Modern Denial of Human Nature. NF Widely recognized Psych Prof at Harvard..I have several of his books...very entertaining and enlightening. He makes it all understandable and I feel reel smart when I reed 'im Ma.

Annie Dillard: AN AMERICAN CHILDHOOD. NF Autobiography of her growing up in Pittsburgh in the 50s....that's only four hours from C-bus and 10 years away from the 60s...I'm curious....

Eleanor Herman: SEX WITH KINGS: 500 Years of Adultery, Power, Rivalry, and Revenge. NF It's classified as history. Apparently she really dug through the source pile; diaries, personal letters and "diplomatic dispatches" to get the scoop on royal mistresses. I have a fascination with monarchies...I know too much and care too much and apparently, have too much time...perhaps it's time to do my homework...nah

Kathleen McGowan: THE EXPECTED ONE: FICTION....It's a Mary Magdalene story...don't judge me.

Pete Hamill: FOREVER. fiction. "...the magical, epic tale of an extroadinary man who arrives in New York in 1740 and remains...forever." From the back of the book...yay

Temple Grandin: ANIMALS IN TRANSLATION: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior. NF. I love Dr. Grandin. She's autistic, thinks in picture, and it's just awesome to get into her head. And....since I think in pictures as well and autism runs in our freakly little flambly, she is one of my sheroes.



Diane said...

I smile whenever I stop in to visit your blog. I miss you, my old friend. And I just read your words that you wrote describing yourself...and I agree with each and every one. (I loved "disturbed" and "jewishy" and "benevolent") I need to add four more: smart, forgiving, strong and compassionate. Oh...and goofy. I guess that's five. Anyway...just wanted you to know I am so glad you are my pal. hugs to you.

katzbox said...

back at you my old pal...the one I can sit with after years apart and take off talking like we left off yesterday. We are blessed. You are a gift to me. Love ya back.

The Green Blog said...

Sheroe...what a cool term!

Stephanie Jette said...

What are you doing to me woman!!! You know that every book you recommend I have to read....You got me on overload..lol