Friday, July 6, 2007


Friends, friends may or may not notice that my profile recently underwent massive grammar and spelling improvements. My BLOG profile, not my personal body profile (though ask me about my lips). No one told me that my mistakes made me look like a before page in "blogging for idiots". Well, one email was kind enough to tell me I had misspelled a word...and that email came from my exhusband. I was extra-careful to spell my one word response very very correctly. o0/ <-- is that a face? It looks like a drunk little face? Is it a face? I'm stoopid about keyboard faces also. They're difficult for me to discern. I just see the different components, not the whole. OH, and apparently I have ADHD, but back to the situation at that a lizard?

Anyway, I gave Little Eli extremely strict instructions to NEVER NEVER NEVER allow me to go near the keyboard after I take a sleeping pill, or 4 or 5; just kidding. I never take 8. So, I have fixed the profile messages regarding myself and various and sundry information. I really was mortified. What concerns me is that if anyone from my LJ friends list visited me and saw it, they would think..."hmmmmmm, yea she has ANYTHING we can't hear from the guy taking a pee in the ally behind our favorite campus bar". Alas and alack. You who have known and loved me for years, through the thick and thin years...and we know what THAT means, will love me're my "peoples" as Mae Mae says. Well, my LJ friends are way cool also...they'll forgive and forget...I hope.

After consideration, it's kind of like you, my friends, to not say anything about the're like that...if I walked into a room trailing toilet paper from my panty hose or smiling with spinach on my teeth, you'd smile extra big, huddle together with a game plan and start fishing out your cell phone cameras...don't lie to me, I know you would. You'd be laughing at those pics till Kingdom comes. In fact, when the Kingdom came, the Big Man Himself might have His own pics...*BIG BOOMING VOICE* "This is the one when she gave a talk from the pulpit on not judging people and laughed that nervous laugh and that thing flew out of her nose, priceless. Moses laughed so hard he passed manna through his."

Thanks a lot peeps...a lot.


Diane said...

Man, I've missed you. (& you are dead right about the cameras. And then...I'd hurry and put it on my blog!)
No kidding, I'm glad to be one of your "peeps".....keeper of secrets of bygone days. ;) (it's a WINK in case you can't figure it out!)

katzbox said...

Ahhhh yes my friend, Diane....your's would be the first cell phone *click*. And I somehow knew that someone, somewhere, in EST would be playing on-line and stumble across this site...again...YOU...missed you back...*wink* seems so much easier to spell it (for me)

The Green Blog said...

I'm one of your peeps, right?