Sunday, July 15, 2007


This other guy, he's younger than me. He has blue eyes and reddish blond hair. He's chubby but he wears it well. He doesn't have to work, his parents take care of everything. When we're together, his face lights up. He is all about me me me. He smiles and talkes and it's just him and me. If I have to leave for even a moment, he virtually weeps. But he pulls himself back together as soon as we're face to face agains. And BONUS, he's a cuddler...HE LOVES IT. How rare is that? I told Peter about him. He and Peter have met. Peter stood in the circle when he was getting blessed for his name and blessing in the church. It's Clark...our grandson. It's pretty clear Clark owns his Grandmother. This is a pretty tough bond forming. This may take a 12 step program...we'll see. I just know I'm in deep.. really deep. help.

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Stephanie Jette said...

Where can I find a guy like that. He sounds just fabulous. I can't wait to meet him.

You always write the funniest stuff. I love it!