Saturday, July 21, 2007

POTTER: Ain't it grand the world comes together for something and it's not about war?

I wake to a couple of voicemails on my cell this morning which were left after midnight EST last night. They are from each of my sons. They both have their Harry Potter books and the messages are so "Eric" and "Eli"...

I will parapharse:

ERIC: *very serious, deep, business-like voice* "I am NOT leaving the house or posting to my LiveJournal account OR instant messaging with ANYONE until this book is read, completely and thoroughly. Get over to Barnes and Noble NOW mother and get in line to get yours and so help me, DO NOT give anything away while we're talking. Don't ask me questions like, 'did you get to the part yet where so and so...' or give away any pertinent information, no, not any information, or I swear on all things holy I will be forced to fly to California and leave a molotov cocktail on your front porch and once those things start to burn, there is no putting them out my friend. I love you, but I will do it...oh yes...I will do it Okay, love you, bye."

ELI: *typical conversational tone that becomes 'puffed up'* "Hello momma, just letting you know that I'm driving in my car with my new Potter book in the car seat next to me as we speak. In fact, I'm putting my hand on the book and now I'm holding it in my hand, that's right, actually holding it in my hand and actually feeling it's power coursing through me as I drive. It's in my possesion. I have the book....get it. Love you HHHHWWWWWOOOOWWWWWW *trademark Eli shout* bye"

Yes, sons....gotta love 'em, can't hide their bodies.


Stephanie Jette said...
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Stephanie Jette said...

Okay, so your sons are nuts. I want to get the book, but DO NOT want to wait in line for a hour or anything...I'll wait till someone is done or gets it for me. hehehe. Love you very much. I am very happy that you have something that you can share with your kids. It's very inspirational.

The Green Blog said...

If your going to spell my signature noise, at least get it close to correct.