Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is anyone else creeped out by the little Yahoo guy?

You know, the little round, yellow happy-type face icon that "wakes up" all bright eyed and opened mouthed happy when one signs on to IM and the internet? He has a creep factor of about "8"...can I get a witness here?


Stephanie Jette said...

Amen, Sister!! I agree. Why can't you choose who you want to see when your yahoo or thingy that pops up. Maybe I want a big harry dude shaking his butt in my face when I log on. Or maybe a moth getting buzzed by a light zapper thingy. What do you think?

katzbox said...

Jette, that is so creative...disturbing, but creative nonetheless. Bravo. And I am actually intrigued by the light zapping imagery...a little concerned by the karmic baggage but it's kinda fun. Good for you!!!!! I like your spunk.