Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today mom and I were sitting at lunch. She leaned over to open her lunch time meds and I heard "Sh*t", I dropped my vitamin D capsule!

I said, "Um, Mom. Language check".

MOM: God knows I'm 90.

ME: What?

MOM: He knows.

ME: Mom, God's only a couple of years older than you and I don't believe He cusses.

MOM: Well.

ME: That's not really an answer, Mom.

MOM: It isn't?

ME: Well, it is if it's the end of the conversation. *PROLONGED SILENCE* Oh...

MOM: I'm going into the living room. Bring me the laundry out of the dryer and I'll fold it.

ME: I'll do it Mom.

MOM: I like to do it. I can do my own laundry.

ME: Mom. You're tired. I'll just fold it and put it away. Go ahead and take your nap.

MOM: Debbie Ruth! Just put it right on my lap. I like to fold it.

ME: Okay Mom. Whatever you want.


Emmy Slusser said...


Eli Bowman said...

HAHA!! That's hilarious!

Rachel said...

Just 10 more years and I can start using the excuse, "God knows I"m 90." I love this.

Stephanie Jette said...

hahahaha I really hope that I'm just like Gammy when I'm ninety.

nancy said...

this is beyond priceless!

Diane said...

I think this is your funniest post in a long time. Which is saying something, with your blog, which cracks me up on a regular basis.
The picture is a treasure.
"God is only a couple of years older than you....." only you, my friend, only you. hahahaha.

Abby said...

that picture and story made your trip out here worthwhile. you can go home now. :)