Sunday, June 6, 2010


We came home from church this afternoon, the Mom and I, and had lunch. Now we're relaxing and getting ready for a variety of family members to arrive for Sunday dinner. We're feeding any combination of family that can make it to the house at 5:00 on Sunday evenings. It's an "Open House" kind of thing. We're doing it as long as I'm in town. Tonight is "sgetti & meatballs". Actually, what we're going to do each Sunday is cook a big meal from Mom's youth...starting NEXT Sunday. I don't think she ate spaghetti and meatballs down on the farm in Appalachia. So....that'll be a learning experience...

So anyway, I was straightening up the house and readying my bathroom for company (which is the bathroom that everyone will be using) and I thought it would be nice to burn a scented candle in there throughout the evening. I asked Mom if she had any matches or a lighter. She said, "Sure, there's a lighter in one of the drawers in the kitchen."

Not a problem...there's only a few drawers....I'll just take a look....not here....not there...."Hey Mom. I can't locate your lighter. Could it be anywhere else?"

MOM: That lighter didn't work anyway. I probably threw it out.

ME: ? Then...why?....

MOM: Oh look! Here's some Fabreze!

ME: Okay. I can just spray some of that in there I guess. Where is it?

MOM: Right here.

ME: *walking over* Where?

MOM: Right here.

ME: That's a picture of Fabreze.

MOM: But it's a coupon for a dollar off.

ME: That doesn't help with right now.

MOM: Well.... *said with a tone that indicates that I'M the one not getting it*

ME: *confused and not caring about the bathroom anymore*

These should be interesting gatherings...


Anonymous said...

LOL! this just cracks me up! too funny. :)

The Katzbox said...

thanks...we're both clueless around here....

Abby said...

I am cracking up!! Oh! What a funny exchange. Gotta love Grandma Wendy. :)