Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well, Shirin is gone from Project Runway. I thought for sure that Christopher would be the one to leave. But it was not to be. Shirin was likable, as is Christopher. I'm glad that Carol Hannah won. She's cute and friendly. I like it that some of them can be friendly AND talented. How about that!!!

Why is it that the ability to be friendly disappears so easily nowadays? At the slightest provocation, it evaporates like so much mist. This amazes me. It has always struck me that it's much easier to be friendly than it is to be mean... A smile costs nothing... A compliment creates so much good and keeps giving long after the words have stopped being spoken... That it's easier to build someone up than it is to tear them down.

These aren't cute bumper stickers that I've read-these are insights that I've gained over the years. How can people ignore this most simple wisdom? Goodness knows I'm a boat ride and two plane trips from perfect, but if I'm thinking cross thoughts about someone and that same person turns to me and smiles, I'm a wet noodle. It's over. I'll give them my shoes, my coat, and probably bring them home for dinner. Actually, I'm hoping that most people are like that. I'm betting that most people are like that. Maybe we just like to sound tough. Yea...maybe that's it.

Put up your dukes! Why, I oughta....


Linda said...

"Shut yer' trap!"

The Katzbox said...

HAHAHAHAH....oh my gosh....I can hear his voice!!!!