Sunday, October 18, 2009


Here are some shots of our day trip to the Palomar Observatory. We had a great time. As you drive up to the observatory, it looks for the world like a huge hard boiled egg on top of this big hill. It is gleaming white...quite impressive. It was started back in the 30's. The technology and man-power that was required for this structure takes one's breath away. Everything in it takes you back in time...the big, wooden doors, the tiled floors, but the irony is the magnificent photos it continues to take of the universe. Dr. Hubble (of the famed Hubble Telescope) was s significant astrophysicist in the development and design of Palomar.

Of course, the picture of the big tree was Peter's idea....he just LOVES impressive tree trunks, and the countryside is filled with impressive oaks and such. It has different vegetation than where we live, for the most part; certainly, vastly different from the desert.

We then stopped off at a scenic vista over Lake Henshaw and had a picnic lunch. Quite nice. After that we flew through Julian (a little "apple" town) and bought a frozen Dutch Peach/Apple pie for dinner tomorrow (that will smell heavenly when I bake it) and then we ended up at the San Diego Temple. Great day.

Hope your weekend is going well also-despite the fact that OSU lost to Purdue...sorry week will be better!

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Chany said...

you two are sooo dang cute!