Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The Best Gifts You've Ever Received
On the last big birthday, everyone in my family in Ohio (mom, sibs, kids, in-laws, out-laws) personally designed and hand painted plates and bowls for me...it was amazing...they had the entire set shipped to California...and then on my birthday I went to my daughters to meet my sons and a daughter-in-law who were visiting, and of course Emmy and her family and we went to SURPISE! a place where that exact same thing is done. It was closed to the public, just opened for us, and there we sat, all of us, hubby included and they decorated THEIR plates and bowls for me-all designed by them and painted by their loving hands and presented to me....it took my breath away....so I have a complete set of dishware that no one is EVAH allowed to touch....with little messages of love and inside jokes and drawings and they're each so invaluable and loved I can't even fathom them...they take my breath away every single time I look at them...Emmy's plate summed it up...it was beautifully painted and it said, "Mom, 50 years, a legacy of love has begun"....and I just get gooey thinking about it...I'm a big baby....
Above is the detail of the inside of the bowl that Mom made me. She baked little ladybugs into the bottom of the bowl and that flower is her "trademark" flower that she draws...it is priceless. Below is the nickname she calls me, "Debi Doll" with her little squiggly hearts painted on the bowl. How cute is that? Just a note: I spelled my name "Debi" with one "b" and one "i" for maybe 12 minutes in 7th grade and somehow it stuck with my mother...it's been that way ever since...*sigh* ;)

Favorite Songs
Pachelbel's Canon in D (This song throws me into a mystical/seizure state that I try to explain to people-I am full to bursting with love)
Whistling Man (Eric Bowman)
Green (Eric Bowman)
The Way You Look Tonight (Sinatra)
Mack the Knife (Bobby Darin)
Across the Sea (Bobby Darin)
Life In a Northern Town (Dream Academy)
Our House (you remember that song, from the 80s? That is the song of my family's youth...whew!) by Madness (that's almost appropriate)
Our House (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)
100 Years (Five for Fighting)
Evacuee (Enya)
Angeles (Enya)
Ave Maria (Libera)
We Belong (Pat Benatar)
The Little Drummer Boy (Linda Eder)
Wanda (Sol Katz)

The Things you Think Everyone Should Do if Money's No Object
Travel around the world
Serve a humanitarian mission
Finish your education
Pay for others' education
If you don't have to spend time working and you have money, shouldn't an individual be spending time in altruistic pursuits?....

List your First...

Car: 1964 beige Valiant convertible

Religion: When I was little, my mother had us go to the Baptist church in a bus that picked us up in front of our house. ??? I learned about Jesus, Heaven and Hell at that church...interestingly, one of the girls I knew at that church ended up joining the LDS church about ten years before I did and in fact, the first time she listened to the missionaries, she was with me! We were babysitting my niece....wild, eh?

Heeled shoes: Jr. High I think...all I know is that I rocked those babies....it was like I was born in 'em....looked good, felt good...

Dance: age 11, 7th grade...it was horrid....but I was there for the experience....

Kiss: Jr. High, Tim Latorre (ick, his lips were soft and mushy...I was totally not prepared...) Guess I rocked those heels a little too well....


Eli Bowman said...

Oh, Mother! You are so cool. :)

Too cool for school.

The Katzbox said...

girls rule, boys drool