Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Actual conversation between a mommy and a grandma....

This "actual conversation" took place yesterday afternoon. My daughter called me while she was running errands, because apparently speaking to me between the post office, grocery store and dry cleaners has become some kind of hobby with her. Anyway, this is the exchange....

EM: Clarkie! Oh man, he's chewing up an apple and then just spitting it out all over the back seat.

ME: Oh, well then, why don't you just get him a little bowl to hold so he can spit the apple back out into it and not make a mess?

EM: How 'bout if he just LEARNS HOW TO SWALLOW!

ME: ?

ME: Wow, that pretty much sums up the difference between a mommy and a grandma. I would have totally enabled his behavior right there and you would have actually "taught him a lesson". I am such a grandma...

EM: You were BORN a grandma.