Sunday, March 15, 2009


What? It can't be!!! No way. No stinkin' way!!! You can't be 27. Not possible. You were just born. Really. I remember. I was there, for cryin' out loud. The doctor was shocked because little, tiny baby girls had been born all night and then YOU arrived....a big, strapping 11 lb boy with a head full of thick, black hair. You were absolutely gorgeous...GORGEOUS!!!! Don't get me started.

You had some problems right off the cuff. Your sugar dropped to 17....BANG! They had to whisk you into the NICU. THAT was an interesting sight....there you were, a big 11 lb baby amidst little 2 and 3 lb babies. I couldn't get enough of you. When I could finally stand, I would waddle down there (and yes, it required two, TWO, reconstructive surgeries....for enquiring minds....) and just gaze upon you. What a magnificent sight. I remember one conversation I chanced upon....

Two women were standing by the window of the NICU, apparently they had babies in there...and they were staring at you....wondering, I'm certain, what in the world YOUR story was....

WOMAN ONE: *pointing to you while looking back and forth between her baby and you* Why don't they give my baby what they give THAT baby?


WOMAN ONE: Whatever they gave that baby is working. I want my baby to have whatever THAT baby is having!

That was just the first of many proud (and hilarious) moments I have experienced since being your mother. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your kindness and compassion. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being the husband and father that all mothers wish their sons to be. You take my breath away.

Here is my prayer for you, son. That your children understand at the deepest possible level how privileged and blessed they are to have you as their father and that they honor you by loving you and their mother and each other unconditionally all the days of their lives, and that they remain righteous and loving and yours for all eternally. This is your mother's prayer for you....always and forever....Happy Birthday, Eli. Love, Momma

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Eli Bowman said...

Thanks, Mom. I love you too.