Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So we're in the market for phones. Duh. Long time, no speak. And we're in the process of purchasing some. I don't make it final until I have the number in my hot little hands. But it appears that's it going to be something called a "curve". That sounds comfy and hand-friendly, yet somehow sleek and modern. We were originally going to purchase a "storm" , which sounds dramatic and I think, a tad threatening. I suppose it's the next big thing on the horizon but I'm from the MidWest and the next big thing on the horizon was usually a tornado and I don't particularly want to hide when my phone goes off.

There are "kraves", which I'm sorry, that just sounds pathologic and sorta medieval and dark and "goth", which would make a good phone for maybe an emo crowd. "So, Darius, is that a phone in your pocket or a switchblade? the black fingernails". And "charcoals", but I'm not an artist and "titaniums", which I don't get at all...does that mean it's tough and hard enough to take a beating?

There are "silvers", but I'm not a jeweler...I'm a daughter of jewelers tho, but do I really need my phone to be called what its color is? Isn't that kind of juvenile? That's like calling my car a "stupid green"...."Hey honey, I'm going to go tank up the stupid green before we leave on our trip". See? It doesn't work.

There are "razors". Yeesh, no thanks. Good luck boarding a plane with that in your pocket.

There are "pearls" and "slates"...the former is loverly but the latter?...really?...roofing material?...not so much.... And we have "shines" and "rants". These don't sound so much like phones as much as they sound like rock bands...or the names of quantum material named by very young and brainy physicists who no longer feel the need to name things based on Latin.

So...maybe I'll be holding a "curve", maybe I won't....ewwww.....

I think my friend on facebook said it best. When I pondered who named phones, her one word answer summed it up......"MEN"!


Eli Bowman said...

This quote:

"So...maybe I'll be holding a "curve", maybe I won't....ewwww....."

Made me laugh out loud at work. Thanks a ton, Mother.

The Katzbox said...'re welcome......