Thursday, February 12, 2009


I refuse to believe that my ears are so outrageously and genetically malformed that the ear buds that are generically designed to fit the "average" ears of all humans on the planet won't fit mine! I won't believe it, but it be the case. Am I the only one that can't use the ear buds on an IPod? What's the deal? They fall out. They won't go in. They just simply refuse to go into my ears. Now, I'm not forcing them at gunpoint into my auditory canal...okay, I've THOUGHT about forcing them...okay okay, maybe I did force them a little, but they wouldn't GO IN....they just won't go in....I think they sprout arms and legs and just block the opening....I need some kind of tiny camera for proof, but I'm telling you, something is blocking them from going in.... When I complained to the girl at the Mac Gallery she said, "Oh, I know huh (this is California-speak), they make my ears hurt"....then no, you don't know...because if they make your ears hurt, then that implies that they are staying IN your ears....mine won't stay in, because they won't go in....they just sit right there on the outside of the ear canal and then simply fall out on my shoulder, taking my music with's maddening....MADDENING.....

I know that there are far bigger problems out there....but when one complains about an annoyance, it feels as though everything else is okay and the universe is balanced and this is the only thing gone awry in a big scary is my little problem du jour.....this and the mammogram...and the final project for my statistics course....and my continued lack of a phone...and missing my mother....and the economy....and my husband working too hard for too many hours a day but we can't complain because he's working....ya know?

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