Saturday, February 2, 2008

Not goodbye, but see you later...

Thank you, President Hinckley, for being the prophet while I was raising my children and building my own testimony. Thank you for your example, your words of counsel, your many blessings, and for your humor. Yours will be the voice that echoes through our memories of Primary, Young Women, Young Men, Relief Society and Priesthood meetings. Thank you for your life spent in service to the Lord's Church. Enjoy your (short) rest and the reunion with your beloved Margery and others. Who greeted you? Whose hands did you shake upon arrival to Paradise? Your life is still an inspiration...we love you and although you lived 97 years, it just didn't feel long enough...again, Thanks.

The Bowmans/Leightons

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Stephanie Jette said...

Your words always melt my heart. I love you and feel very blessed to have you for my Mother.