Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is an actual conversation I had over the phone with my sister in Ohio.

STEPHANIE: Two of my fish died. *heavy sigh*

ME: Nope. That's not supposed to happen.

STEPHANIE: I know. They were beautiful.

ME: They're not supposed to die.

STEPHANIE: I know! I work really hard at my aquarium.

ME: I KNOW! I've seen it. It's beautiful.

STEPHANIE: I found them floating this morning.

ME: NO! They can get sick, but they can't die. They're never supposed to die.


ME: I mean it. If you forget to feed them, the worst that can happen is that they stop growing OR get sick. They are NOT supposed to die. If you found dead, floating fish, you need to call support and have them replace them right away. That is bull crap!!!

STEPHANIE: *silence...then* What the eff is wrong with you!?! I am talking about the aquarium in my living room, Debbie. I'm in the real world now. Are you talking about Fishville? Step away from your computer! Would you get a life!!!

ME: ----- i have a life. Your fish are stupid anyway.


Emmy Slusser said...

hahahah!!! What a terrific post, mom!

The Katzbox said...

Well thx, honey. Life imitates art in our know that...

Stephanie Jette said...

hahahaha That's great. I can totally see you guys having this conversation. Y'all are too cute. Love

The Katzbox said...

Thank Jetson. Maybe I meant art imitates life in this family. Whatever. something something something.