Monday, February 1, 2010


I don't do a lot of different things during the day. I don't particularly observe a lot. I have a set program-not a lot of variety. I don't go out a lot and when I do, it's to the same places. So...what I have left to blog about are, typically, conversations that I've had. Today is no exception.

I was at Em's (again...) and we were discussing the big quake off the coast of Baja, California. It was a sizable quake, occurring 13 miles off the coast. It was felt in San Diego, but we didn't feel it. It happened this morning. On January 20, there was a 4.3 quake off of Hawaii, then there was this one this morning off Baja. The unspoken fear is that "The Big One" is coming. I told her, "Well, I'm really getting frustrated with the amount of food storage that we don't have. I have some water, but not nearly enough food."

Em said, "I have food, but no water."

Then she said, "We need to move our water storage tanks out of our garage to our side yard"

ME: Then people will show up and steal them from you when society breaks down! Why would you do that?

EM: Um...because I'm not paranoid?

ME: Well, you should be.

EM: That's nice.


LAUGHTER-because we think we are the two funniest people around....and our worlds are small right now...

*slow news day*


Rachel said...

I don't have nearly enough water I also have an apartment the size of a shoe box. And the World's Largest Felt Collection takes up a bit of space.

The Katzbox said...

But think of the joy you would have repopulating the world with felt artwork?

Emmy Slusser said...

hahahahh! we are so funny.