Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was in a See's Candy store the other day and was talking about truffles. When I was growing up, truffles were mushrooms. Fancy, expensive, rare, mushrooms. A "delicacy", I believe is the term. As I got older, the word "truffle" was being used to describe chocolates. Chocolate raspberry truffles, among other flavors, are sold in candy counters in the mall, etc.

So I looked it up. They're both correct. Truffles are indeed a fungi that grows around tree roots. Yeech. When it's explained that way, I wonder about the first person that ate one. As I've said before about the first person to eat an egg, I believe they were unbelievably HUNGRY!!!!.The word truffle is from the Latin root for "lump".

Truffle, when used to describe a candy, is used to describe a lump, which resembles the mushroom lump. That's a long way to go to name a candy. question is, "why"? Why name a beautiful candy confection after a lumpy shape of a fungus? I mean, sure, it's a delicacy in France, but really?...the shape?....of a mushroom?...that's the best they had?....So, I've been thinking of alternate names for chocolate candies, which so many people seem to adore with profound love and adoration. Here's a few of my suggestions.

1. love nuggets-it makes me giggle to say it
2. embraces-it has a sensual overtone
3. torchies-I just like it
4. truthies-cause you'll say anything to get them
5. celesties

and my personal favorite: SMOOCHES

There you go....


Anonymous said...

i call them what i call everything - thingie-do's.

Linda said...

I like the old fashioned term bob-bon, French for good-good. As for the 1st person to eat an egg, I totally agree. "Look what just fell out of that chicken's butt! Let's eat it!" or coffee, for that matter. "Hey, see those red berries? Let's burn them, grind them up, boil them in water, throw away the beans and drink the water!" Weird!

Linda said...

Make that "bon-bon" - Sorry, didn't have my glasses on (not that I'm old and need them or anything";)

The Katzbox said...

I like bon-bon. That sounds good. In fact, the candy is so good, we'll name it twice.

As for the coffee, I never thought of that. And then to take the water and think, "mmmm, maybe if I add the utter discharge from that cow and some sugar....."

And I don't like to think that we're getting old...I like to think that we're outliving our parts....

Eli Bowman said...

i think a lot of foods are hard to have imagined. take bread. more precisely, take wheat. how could anyone look at a field of wheat and think you could get a loaf of bread out of it?

btw, this isn't eli - it's nancy.